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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

'Cinema truth reminds us that we belong'

Oscar-passenger director Semih Kaplanoğlu cinema 'spiritual reality' spoke about the

Holder of many awards and national Ulusalararası Semih Kaplanoğlu pre-Oscar "Yusuf Trilogy", an Oscar Bal's journey and the cinema 'spiritual reality' talked about. Semih Kaplanoğlu spread to five years and then revealed by a process Yusuf Trilogy, all the movies, an extra special set of DVDs and Kaplanoğlu'yla an interview recently presented to art lovers by Timas Publications.

'Spiritual Reality' the name says it works to convey the language of cinema Kaplanoğlu, "This way we can express its own roots and our own language freely and comfortably, in the past and present truths in the context of truth-in-one anlatabileceğimiz think we can establish a cinematic language," he said.

Spiritual reality is not a trend underlines Kaplanoğlu, "I think it might be a way. We as filmmakers should try giving up efforts to establish a language that I think I'm talking sense," he said.

Honey Turkey, leading to an Academy Award nominated film that tells an equal chance of between 60 movie Kaplanoğlu, "the first 5 will be announced on January 25. I'm not desperate I'm not too hopeful. Is currently early to say anything, I hope that on January 25 described the first 5 in our list is at our film, "he said.

Not to understand the truth in saying that the source of the problems of modern man Kaplanoğlu, an element of truth in this sense can be said of cinema. Kaplanoğlu, "Cinema, art, truth, remind us again that we belong, we feel a piece of them. So in this sense, parables, telling the truth, I tried to place into films," he said.

Joseph for his main character falls into the well of the Prophet Joseph Egg scene inspired by the Qur'an emerged last kıssasından Kaplanoğlu records, Joseph's father's name is Jacob in the movie Honey in the Qur'an, being a citation said.

Parables, and he knows that many people living in Anatolia in order to remind them again stressed that the films in the Kaplanoğlu, "Truth can know anything directly related to God. His knowledge of him, her autograph, her zikretmekle, in fact, we are discovering in their own hakikatimizi. Truth ways to re- lay some newly share that information with us again, that may have already given us the intention was to make movies, "he said.

Joseph trilogy Honey, Egg, and also used in describing why Kaplanoğlu Sut, "Joseph is a poet's childhood, youth and maturity and the fact that people told of the birth of the movies bring fıtratıyla brought up the essence of the natural, human side of the face I tried to look for these products. Egg always maturity period, tried to address the future direction symbolized. Süt'te separated at a young age of the child from home, separated from his mother in a sense, a matter of weaning. Dairy know that very fact is a pure concept, Honey is always a kind of nature and the human spirit, it is created by bees miraculous product. honey, I think closer to the spirit of a child, "he said.

For Joseph trilogy films, "tried to do the best I can," said Kaplanoğlu, "The story is how we spend and how to set a process I describe in the book, Joseph's dream in his book. It is my intention to begin to do the work in humans will create a good state had planned to do a job was I think, "he said.

Timas Publications trilogy set in the Film Critic Joseph recently sold his interview Kaplanoğlu'yla Civilized Sirin is a book called Dream of Joseph. The book is a lot about life since childhood Kaplanoğlu and understanding of cinema unfold in front of the eyes.

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