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Monday, January 3, 2011

Cem's financial situation is better Nurgül'den

Descriptions of the couple's divorce lawyer, was shocked about Yeşilçay'ın
Cem's financial situation is better Nurgül'den transcripts were only completed 6 years of their marriage the previous week Nurgul Yesilcay and Cem Özer taken by surprise and wondered why this decision was the subject of growing.
Statements made prior to the hearing, both parties have signed the protocol, mixed head. Yesilcay about 20 minutes, ending his marriage, "I did my best to marriage. So far, all to think about the child fell silent. Susmaya already then I will continue," he said.

Added the last point

Ozer is the "women's economic independence, marriage ends. I used to katlanırmış defolarına man woman. Blood kusup drank cranberry syrup. I just did not talk after that date will not talk about our lives so special. Batıyorsa born every day the sun why, why the leaves of the trees, so we divorced döküyorsa" he surprised everyone.

Mystery about the secret protocol to protect the sides of a divorce lawyer with Okan Fenercioğlu Nurgul Yeşilçay'ın put an end to.

Everybody can love one

Celebrity couple about the lawyer said: "There is no Cem, no bad habits. What is gambling, night life, nor drink nor there. Only occasional smoke. I drink to enjoy the wrap. Nurgul experiencing depression in this regard. Tense because of the event. Men is less certain that women are more certain. One thing I knew I had. I do not see the possibility of a further reconciliation. Nurgul a person with black or whites. There is no gray in his life. barışacağını I do not think at this stage, then Cem. "

Cem benefit more

Fenercioğlu, Cem Ozer cause of divorce, has denied allegations that debt. Fenercioğlu said: "There is a shortage of monetary Cem. Debt will have ten times the movie companies. The film market does not pay the money to pay state debt to this man not to sell bagels. Gladio incoming executive Nurgul Yeşilçay'ın '7 'came from the movie. Cem 'E did not perform. receivables payables Nurgül'e Cem. Do you have such an account? In fact, there is an opposite situation. Cem eaten his money where Nurgül'ün. Nurgül'den Cem's financial situation is better. everyone in the contract if the Borrower debt to put my own agent. no one will take no from anyone. "

In the case of a new love Yeşilçay'ın Fenercioğlu caught, "not as far as a new love. Everybody can love one evliyken. All life is subject to change. This is normal even for Cem or Nurgul" he ruffled heads.

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