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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cem Yilmaz Hayde song watch - who opened the top job?

Cem Yilmaz Hayde song material released polemic to whom? Cem Yilmaz Hayde to voice some of the folk songs, while prey, Cem Yilmaz Hayde song and Hunting Season in the popularity of music remains, that song video Cem Yilmaz Hayde.

Cem Yilmaz Hayde song watch - who opened the top job?

Cem Yilmaz Hayde song material released polemic to whom? To voice some of the folk songs, while prey Hayde Cem Yilmaz Cem Yilmaz Hayde song and Hunting Season in the popularity of music remains, that song video Cem Yilmaz Hayde.

Cem Yilmaz and Yavuz Turgul entering the film released on 10 December of the Hunting Season in rhythm with the film not only sang 'Hayde' song with his times, sharing, and broke the record for Searching. Hayde Kazim Koyuncu Cem Yılmaz song of the video does not the media's agenda. Cem Yilmaz said Hayde folk songs from the producers after the fall of the images from the movie to YouTube and Hunting Season in published pages of original images, picture frames Cem Yılmaz and acting in this film hemde fame that the film shows how big a contribution.

Some of the names of most media outlets 'Hayde' türküsüne polemical point of view or through the creation of the media's agenda to take part in an effort to provide rent as they chose to take part in these discussions göstermeyip. Cem Yılmaz Hayde song sung to the 'Four years ago 150 thousand 450 thousand people have learned a' point of view interesting articles about the size of the issue. Cem Yılmaz successfully seslendiriği Hayde Hunting Season movie song a bit more forward on the agenda of a production's success çıakrsada so already it was not possible to remain in the shade.

(Cem Yilmaz Hayde continuation of the story you can find video of song)

Hunting Season trailer and all the details - click -

Hunting Mevisimi'nden statistics

Hunting Season is turned upside down the lives of three of the police during the film tells the story of the murder investigation. Cem Yilmaz's character portrayed in the film Mad Season Hunting the heroes of the film is one of the 3 from the police. Sener Sen in the film 'Orion', Cetin Tekindor the 'Battle' role.

Hunting Season in the first 3 days, the movie (opening box office) 389 213 people watched by thousands. The film's opening box office revenue was the 3milyon 985 thousand TL.

Türüt'ün polemical passion

Peteğim post doctoral fellowship program, a guest named Ismail Cem Yılmaz Türüt song about''criticized''Hayde said. He is an authentic folk song was standing behind the words Türüt said that, Cem Yılmaz stressed that the region's people söyleyemediğini türküyü not.

Türüt also disturb the original is in the hands of the matter Cem Yılmaz said that türküyü have a glass of raki, he said. A glass of raki and said he can not be combined song a bad example to young people still tell us that the Black Sea türkücü said. Ismail Türüt, the artist made this mistake a few years in Turkey, said "We're drinking zıkkımı drinking, looking around at what kaldırıyorsun one?" he said.

Cem Yılmaz discovered Ajda Pekkan

'Hunting Season' movie 'Hayde' voice of the folk songs Cem Yilmaz, the first music exam many years ago, Ajda Pekkan `s 'Superstar' has given his show. Yilmaz, the program 'alien' song said.


Cem Yılmaz NTV Banu Güven Artı'ya was a guest on the program and want to know some of the questions answered. Look for Cem Yilmaz Hayde song of what he said;

Kazim Koyuncu Hayde'yi listened to the sound of''very excited. Very emotive subject. I passed this scene actually make me very heyecanlandırdı.Burada myself. I'm feeling very happy that everyone in the past. But the record and the tape does not work I tell him. I have all of us the importance of the meaning of this scene in the movie aklındaydı reflection of emotions. Yavuz Abi importance Turgul the scene. Today I took the family phone. My mother 'the same grandfather said. I'm not someone singing the song too, but had to say. From the moment the first outlet to express the film worked. Sense of the film is very high.''

I do not want to say that''the secret of the job, but he found friends and professional musicians on stage without using any instrument, rhythm, he created a relaxed ambience. O Yavuz Abi design. The murder of a coffee table abilerimizin have retired. This is, of course it is not coffee. We went to the coffee study, the first film, and there we learned many things. This coffee Bahçelievler.''


Cem Yilmaz, voiced his new film, Hunting Mevsimi'nde took note of the Black Sea türküsüyle Arif Sağ'dan full.

Vuransa gala marked the film, read the song Cem Yılmaz Idris was portrayed by the police in homicide. Among the participants in the gala Arif Sag, Yilmaz performance of both the movie and praised: "... recently watched one of the most beautiful films I mean, the detective film çekilebiliyormuş Turkey. Cem also said türküyü very nice. Tries to be a little man. "

Cem Yilmaz Hayde song video;

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