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Monday, January 10, 2011

Cem Ferzan'ın double duty on the set

Turkey, in 1997, the most recent 'Harem Suare'yi attracted Ferzan Ozpetek, will establish a new set for the film in Istanbul and Mardin. 'Then I'll cry' role in the film which will Cem Yilmaz Ozpetek famous komedyenle working on scenario

Director continued his career in Italy, Ferzan Ozpetek, Turkey, the movie will attract. NTV 'Haber participated Live Home Ozpetek,' Then I'll cry 'told me about his film.

Cem Yilmaz role in shooting the film wants to be held in Istanbul and Mardin, indicating that the famous director, "Cem Yilmaz a player that I liked and appreciated. Turkish cinema, there are many other players liked and wanted to work. We finished a new screenplay and working on the subject of the film Cem. Cem, I do like the views, looking from the outside, and it does me, 'he said. Ferzan Ozpetek, 'Is the movie the love story of a woman coming from Italy? " the question is' Not at all. There are many women in the film 6-7. Italian players to portray one of them is 4-5 ... There are a lot of squad players. This is the more 'personality' to put the dangerous but I like my 'he answered.

Entering the last film released Dec. 3, 'Hunting Season' so far 1 million 930 thousand people watched by Cem Yılmaz, '46 'magazine poses the much spoken. Yilmaz, Hunt Mevsimi'nde 'crazy' in a homicide police dubbed canlandırıyordu.-week-

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