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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Caroline entered the new year öpüşerek

So a series of''Caroline''Pass usual, entered the new year öpüşerek Vincent'la lover.

"It's a tolerable time" series portrays a German actress Caroline Ali Captain's nest destroyed Wilma Elles, 2011 Elmadağ'daki Ruj'da entered Istanbul.

Ayaklı in according to the news, he has shot photos and memorabilia to recognize young people often attracted sympathetic attention movements Elles'e Vincent'ta was accompanied by her boyfriend. Wilma Elles, "so I wanted to spend New Year next to my family. But the series continues to shoot. I also have fun with my friends, Vincent and I went. yarısıyken night I called my family there full time. did well in 2010. Turkey's role in getting the best television series. How happy I "he said.


Istanbul Istanbul Ruj'un short time between entertainment brands into the vitally famous entrepreneur says Erkan Kara, "legend of our club recently opened a nightclub instead of Hydromel'in. We offer a combination of tradition and modernity. edit organizations in 2011 and continues to be successful in our entertainment media We will, "he said.

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