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Monday, January 10, 2011

The brotherhood of heart transplantation

Recep heart transplant 13 years ago in The Cook, the last in a heart transplant in November is his cousin Ibrahim Leventoğlu'na morale

And the longest living heart transplant recipients in Turkey Recep located between Cook (42), like himself, who was diagnosed with heart failure before and after his cousin Ibrahim Leventoğlu'nun life became a source of transport. 13 years ago Training and Research Hospital Cardiovascular Surgery, Heart 11 heart transplant list At the time of Cook's, list the name of the print queue 84'üncü difficult days of his cousin, Ibrahim Leventoğlu'nu alone. Two cousins solidarity, combined with successful heart transplant ameliyatıyla, dark clouds Unveiled circulating on the family for years. Cardiac Department of Cardiovascular Surgery Training and Research Hospital with a heart transplant Recep Cook, the heart of a woman living for 13 years. Asci's cousin, Ibrahim Leventoğlu also suffered heart failure for many years and had lost his brother Recep Asci 20-year-old heart attack. Cousin of Cook's last resort to the affected heart nakliydi Leventoğlu'nun bağlığından life. Transport news has finally arrived for the day and 29-year-old Leventoğlu'na expected count in November, 19-year-old was transferred to the heart of a young girl who died. No smoking, indicating that his cousin and he Leventoğlu Abraham, then Recep benefit from the experience, to lead a happy life with his family to comply with all rules, he says.

'MORE EMOTIONAL have become just'
Heart transplantation is a life-changing Recep cook at the bar before the bartender is doing the transplant, posttransplant disability retirement, he said alıştırdığını a life less stressful. Cook said to have spent a large part of the year in Rize, his hometown, "Doctors say I sleep, medications aksatmıyorum. Rize also the beauties of my country can not stop myself. Storm Stream swimming, fishing, mountain hawk pursuit of rejuvenated me. Maybe the fresh air, green me has lived so long. I did not think get married, how evlenilir salary that is already retired, "he said. Heart of a woman to continue life after the age of 29 Recep Cook, 13 years is more emotional and sensitive, said: "I feel very good.'m Starting to cry while watching a sentimental movie. I became very emotional and extremely sensitive," he says. Cook and Ibrahim Recep Leventoğlu cousins, the owners of hearts that connects them to life for death of Allah's mercy, "May God vesin patience relatives. While we thank them, how much less. We are living in their hearts," he said.

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