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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Black Sea tourism fair animated treasures

Trabzonda Black Sea Tourism Fair to be organized between the dates of January 13 to 16 preparations began in Trabzon Expo Center.

Black Sea Tourism Fair was organized for the first time this year from all over Turkey and many countries of the world's buyers were invited to tour operators and travel agents. Fair will bring together thousands of tourism representative in Trabzon. Trabzon Governorship, Municipality, Chamber of Commerce and Industry, supported by the Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism exhibition, some information is organized by Fairs.

Attending the fair this year as the guest country of Georgia Republic of Adjara. Protocol of the Republic of Georgia, Adjara, many tourism representatives, will participate with a team of people crowded the exhibition games with the team. Fair Trabzon, Rize, Ordu, Artvin, Macka, such as tourist facilities in the surrounding cities and counties to promote the tourism wealth is hemde.

Black Sea tourism fairs aimed at drawing attention to the potential for both domestic and abroad, introductions were performed. Overseas launches are particularly high potential in the Middle East and Balkan countries are expected to visitors

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