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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Being a 80s child

Internet 10 Year of leaving behind, but also publishes the works of young authors' Lost Country, our recent history and the biggest phenomena of the Internet, including "80 Children Being a" Lost Country Yayınları'nca has released the book in 2006 founded his own name again.

Kadir Aydemir writer-poet, publisher and founding editor of the site prepared by the "80's Child To Be" book seems to have already attracted the attention of a large mass of readers. 89 come together in the book the author, of the 80 lifestyle, culture, habits, fashions, and the childhood memories of those years in the past in detail, is told in a language cheerful. Sesleniliyor the back cover of the book the reader follows:

"This is just a book? No! This book is a living thing! Living history itself! Carefully, read carefully ...

Being a 80s child, and the title of a book, as well as the greatest aspirations of a generation, yaşanmışlıklarını special and beautiful in the host name of the journey. In this book the author has assembled a 90. In the 1980s they were children ... All the same generation ... memories hidden in the pages everyone finds something of himself. Fazil Say'dan Horne Öz, September Duru'dan Çolak'a Bulent, Onur Erdem Behramoğlu'ndan Aksakal'a, Celeste Bekmezci'den Ahmed Büke'ye, Peace Müstecaplıoğlu'ndan Yigit Bengi'ye until the value, the names fit in here This book writer and artist for dozens of childhood, memories, loves, play games, the black sludge left by the 1980 coup in themselves and their families, sometimes hundreds of details a child, sometimes it has written through the eyes of an adult. Being the 80 children born as a result of a three-year study about the book, each generation will be the quality handbook. Period, the soap operas, celebrity players, the most watched cartoons, brothers neighborhood, street fights and played memorable games, arcade halls, and adolescent transition fırlamalıklar stories, told in a natural way with each other as konuşurmuş. Yes, we are growing and our childhood experiences, but just standing there. Join the journey ...

This book enlightened people of the '80s, folk heroes, the university was born in the 80s lost youth and we are dedicated to all children.

Kadir Aydemir prepared for publication, this book is also a significant birthday gift. No yaşlanmadığının 80 children, we're gonna always a proof of child ... This year, the Turkey-literary sites in the virtual world of poetry Lost Country is the oldest and well-established 10 celebrating years of age, this book, the memories of everyone celebrating a birthday.

This society is not memoryless! We have not forgotten and we put in!

Long live the '80s to be a child! "

"Being a 80s child" writings in the book, the authors said: Jade Agaoglu, Honor Akbudak, Alper Mediterranean, Erdem Aksakal, Neyran fight Akyildiz, Cigdem Aldatmaz, Figen Alkac, Sema Aslan, Hürcan Asik Mustafa Atapay, Kadir Aydemir, Aytekin Eda Nil Esra Basaran, Ezgi Bashkir, Bashkir Suat, the tickets, tickets of Honor, Celeste Bekmezci, Sinem Bengi, Yigit value Bengi, Ersan Bengisu, Hasib Bingol, Ahmet Büke, Elmira Cancan, Gökçenur O., Sebnem Caglayan, Tunca Çaylant, Destiny Pulling, Lisa is not shy, Murad Cobanoglu, Bulent Colak, Elçin Dickson, Libby O. Seaman, Omer Dizdar, September Duru, Winnie Durst, Sine Ergun, Azim Rashid Ersoy, Elif Savaş Felsen, Idil Giraffe, Piet Gözpınar, Nila Right Gülalp, Eda Gunay, Holly Günyaşar, Yasemin Gürkan, Sane Trust, Nephi Huvaj, Aydin Forward , Necla İret, Sea Yalım Kadioglu, Gülay Kalkan, Beki Armstrong Kopuz, Kurugüllü Ulas, Ahmet Küçükkayalı, Ece Erdoğuş Levi, Peace Müstecaplıoğlu, Peter Merry, Nurhan Pinar, Pelin Onay, Esra Ovalı, Leaf Essence, Essence Hornbeam, Sahin Ozbay, Ozlem Ozyurt, Hatice Topal Özçoban, Lily Özgeren, Sedef Özkan, Erol Özyiğit, Jamie Prosciler, Tomris Sakman, Fazil Say, H Sim, Guray bayonet, Melissa Adorning, Doc Şahinoğlu, Melike Asli Şahinsoy, Umit Sener, Seda Tansuker, Filiz Tanya, Erkut Tokman, Alper Turgut, Murat Türkücüoğlu, Serkan Turk, bow tie Turkkan Tayfur, Ferhat Uludere, Rose Yaşartürk, Ozlem Yildiz, Hande Yöremen, David Zişan Artillery and diaries. Font Size Distribution through the book all the bookstores and online book selling overseas domestic book available online at.

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