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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Before the start of Suleiman the Magnificent ...

Guler Meme wrote ...

I love documentaries. Every day until the series of what, if I watch the contest or entertainment program, at least half the time I try to watch a documentary. Myself in the face of the screen 10 hours of the day last in this profession, mental health, dimağımın be able to protect in this way, but I believe in openness. The most fascinating documentaries I've heard, the top ring of the food chain at the beginning of the identification of the most impressive statement of income. Inedible by anyone, other than their own species means that everyone can be eaten-can eat. But a natural death or entry into their own in a fight with one of those lives. Or just the bullets renewable human hand. No one has been accepted by the food, not renew ...

Food chain of species in nature are classified into different stages. The first and most sub-step itself can produce their food through photosynthesis, green plants are their own. Plants or plant products, the second step, is eaten by herbivorous animals. The third step, the primary types of eating carnivora otçulları takes place. The fourth and last step is the primary carnivora carnivora-eating kind of secondary. For example, lions. They are truly the king of the forests. Lions do not eat any other creature. And most of the food chain with these characteristics constitute the upper ring. Or alligators, for example. They are also all the species attacked outside of themselves. All living things other than themselves, avıdırlar crocodiles. The boss of the biggest sharks in the oceans. They are also the top ring of the sea food chain. Lions, crocodiles, sharks, a natural phenomenon. All equipped with formidable weapons enormous war machines. Well, now I rhyme or reason why I wrote this article? Turkey, the state had existed for 600 years this land before us was once the top of the food chain to remind that the goal ring. Bridal that dusty pages of history once more let us remember an example. February 24, 1525 of a snowy winter day, the King of France François Pavye War, defeated and captured the German Emperor had fallen Şarlken'e. Upon this the king's mother, the Duchess Dangolen, Suleiman the Magnificent, the name of Westerners' the Magnificent, has sent a letter asking for help.

DIRECTORY hailing from all walks CRITICISM
Sultan Suleyman wrote an answer to them. Sultan's reply letter, today Lavigne just had these words: "I am the Sultan of the Sultans, Hakanlar ruler, rulers that the crown of God's shadow on Earth, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea and the Rumelia and Anatolia and Azerbaijan 's and Damascus and Aleppo, and Egypt and Mecca and Medina, and Jerusalem and all the Arab lands, and many countries of Yemen and the son of Sultan Khan and Sultan Bayezid, Sultan Selim Khan's son, Sultan Suleyman Han'ım. You are the King of France François province.

Rulers had taken refuge to send a letter through my door, the enemy invade your country, to declare that you are currently in prison, are requesting help from us in salvation. Everything you say who manages the world supply is avoided tahtımızın feet. First of all I'm aware of. Hapsolunmak take a beating and not something to be amazed. Nice keep the mind and heart do not worry. In such a case, our fathers, defeat enemies
and countries have not been back to voyage to conquer. We are not castles and towns of our ancestors and always fetheylemekteyiz yolundayız. Eyerlenmiş horse and sword day and night, always surrounded by waist. Almighty Allah will forgive goodness. What happens if God wants ... "

Now, tonight at 20:00, show starts a new set of screen; Great Century. Series, Great Solomon, Hürrem'in love, he tells Osmanlı'sını period. The series returned to the screen tanıtımlarınaysa, including criticism from all walks of historians, including falling. Some claim that the series was overly erotic. Some of the Ottoman Empire, perhaps the most powerful, most important hünkarının woman seeking a woman to pursue a complaint, such as adoption is launched. Of course, ultimately it is a man and his life, like all of us women who formed the axis. And who want to date any character, any number of sides can bring forward, can take the movie, write a novel. But the said Sultan, a versatile, very courageous, not the house of a desire to give patients their lives on the battlefield from the last expedition, the name of history, is a character that prints its own tarimize gold lettering.

Ottoman Sultan shaking KINGS
That is more than a century, carefully watch the spectacular night. And I hope the screen, 'people of Solomon, as well as give direction to date, dominating the world, I can see all the kings of the shaking of the Ottoman Hünkârı'nı. One of the most important series of the year begins tonight, sir. So we will be discussing over the coming days, so we discuss the curtain is opening a production. I do not miss. And your comments, Screen, Waiting for us to be published in the coming days. Let's see, you hope will not we?

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