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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Ata Demirer and Libby Borak'tan navel show

White Şov'a Ata Demirer and marked by Libby Borak'ın çiftetelli show.

Yesterday came into vision "Alas Alas 2 'of the leading players Ata Demirer Demet Akbay and White Şov'un guest of the entire team last night.
Kelly Bush, saying the program to start the second film's theme music players, the audience excited.

Calling the program and Serkan Ata Demirer on later chapters of the show accompanied by clarinet, entertainment peaked.
Very enjoyable film from last week Ata Demirer turns back to the beautiful keyiflendi more. Even in the film jumped to the stage after a break in the famous standapçı spectators even threw Libby Borak'la belly.

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