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Monday, January 3, 2011

Adliyelik Yeşilmen'in wife!

Akbar Ali Ugur Yeliz Yeşilmen'in contractor, his wife, was arrested for alleged unlicensed guns have in

Contractor, wife of Akbar Ali Ugur Yeliz Yeşilmen'in ADANA player, was arrested for allegedly have in unlicensed weapons.
Pinar, Ali Uğur Akbaş neighborhood müteahitlik unlicensed guns have in the workplace were reported for alleged 155 Police Emergency line. The workplace to the police, alleged to belong here, Ali Ugur Akbaş'a seized an unlicensed pistol. Akbas detained, by the Istanbul Security Directorate, 'Threat' is being sought on charges emerged. Upon receipt of expression of opposition to the law dated '6136 'Akbar was sent to the court on a charge, was released pending trial.

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