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Friday, January 7, 2011


A survey conducted by the UK Medicine and Health Care Administration, due to misapplication of hundreds of women became pregnant but did not want revealed.

According to the study, women who do not want to get pregnant during contraceptive treatment was applied. Contraceptive device inserted to put the woman's uterus for the treatment thousand 607 women became pregnant. Hundreds of women are complaining because of the application. In addition, these women are exposed to the wrong practice of therapy, treatments of health problems experienced later said.

Report of 120 thousand pounds compensation after paying a total of 9 women in the UK Ministry of Health, has spent 80 thousand pounds to go to the official complaint at the time.

This instrument in question, to be taken on a daily basis, especially among young women who forget to take birth control pills are also popular draws attention. 99 percent of the tool to be effective in preventing pregnancy, but it is stated incorrectly inserted may cause dangerous consequences. 1.4 million women in the last 12 years, said this method is applied.

Ministry of Health, said in a statement related to the research, "This is a safe and health of the vast majority of patients treated the application sees the last. If something goes wrong if the hospital has to convey this ministry." said.

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