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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whatever you say your name

F. G. House and Garden, in the last derby today at 20:00 to meet

Eternal teams Florya shortly after the events in the pot to share their trump card. Before the appointment of two community has called for common sense Abdi İpekçi'deki

Eyes will be today, Abdi İpekçi! As a leader and a follower of Beko Basketball League Fenerbahce Ulker Galatasaray Cafe Crown kapışacağı or summit will change as a result of the match, or will continue to lead the Canary. U-17 football match last Sunday due to the two community events being stretched, increasing the importance of the match. Giant game at 20:00.


Get Adobe Flash player Kennerman Peters will be the chief arbitrator. Galatasaray claim Kennerman, Banvit match reacted by bringing him a favor and azarlamıştı bleachers tossed. Not part of the event for the experienced referee reports of the observers were not given any punishment. Cim-Bom tepkiliyken it, is left Lantern also wants to influence the referee.

Galatasaray Fans motivates U.S.

F. Garden Pleiades Branch Director Nedim Karakas, "according to the agreement will not come to our core supporters. Motivates us in the room are stuffed. It does not matter whether the opposing team, or your own taraftarımız "he said. At Galatasaray Cafe Crown coach Oktay Mahmuti, "Taraftarlarımızdan want something for the first time. To swear. Take care of the club's ethics, "he said.


The fans in the grandstand area in order to keep the players will not be a bit more distant. Therefore, the number of supporters will be reduced. On the other hand ultrAslan, "Let's be prudent. Takımızı get caught up support this drive is just "made a description. Antu.com also issued this statement, "how much is behind the promise, we'll see, " gave the message.

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