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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What are the features of wedding rings.

What is a wedding ring?

Wedding Bands, one hundred years, between the eternal happiness of men and women for centuries been used as a symbol of eternal devotion and eternal togetherness.
Plant stalks symbolize the bond of marriage, the Egyptians who believed that by using the ring. Finishing of the oval ring finger somehow mean a never-ending love and happiness that the fourth finger of the left hand directly to the heart gelmektedir.Mısırlılar Vena Amoris - believed that the vein of love. Therefore, the fourth finger of the left hand wedding ring be fixed for years.
Alyans'ın date?

A lot of material was used as a symbol of marriage bond. Diamond, for use in Austria in 1477 Archduke Maximilian Burgonyalı Mary first began with a gift from the ring. Men's wedding ring takmazdılar these periods. Today, Diamond Wedding Bands wearing ladies. Plain Wedding Bands are used by the men.
What to consider when Wedding Ring;

Wedding Bands, people throughout their lives is something most-used, so there are some rules to be considered;

-The first decision must be MetaLine. Most gold is preferred.
Your finger should be aware of constantly stops after-show personality.
-Ring is a necessary time for ayırlamı and should not defer to it. Note that symbol of your love will be your wedding ring.

Would do when wedding rings are sure to be a nice choice, wish you a lifetime of happiness to you Your finger alyansınızla

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How to Use
What are the features?
Ring finger which is attached?

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