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Friday, December 31, 2010

Well, this is a farewell letter ...

"The man" is not foolproof way of being. "The man of " first "Adam" in his career in the world ... it started with an error, "Adam" who, not error, error error to know. Human error is human. Reserved by the magnificence of the human failure.

You write beautifully. Such a surprising and frightening.

Sometimes it is sad. Cause of my blues away, but the polemic written to be taken seriously when it comes. Surprisingly, the polemic on whether he yazmadıklarımın-even polemical lest I could ever be-controversial subject. (For example, Yağmur kıyasladığım sculpture was the last spell that was for mercy to tell, just mercy. Güzellemesi a rain güme between Kemalist and anti-Kemalist discussions went.)

As to what is frightening, the rain and the mercy of my per article about knowing the detail of the sculpture iliştirmemdi. Kalışım have to attach. Asked to attach; scary. So that I myself kaptırmışım rating. Kaptırmışım Kaptırdığımı to know both. There is an unfortunate kapılış was tempted to not knowing. Then you can not save himself kapılıştan.

Take me to the point: Today I was asked a question mahzunca. "Sometimes I look at myself; ettiklerimi remember. Caught up in despair. Halimle be seen how this heaven that I deserve? Steps in how to walk that stops the prophets? "My brother did not answer, I just asked a question.

Stops flowing in me for years, the following sentence: "No one is innocent of sin sınanmadığı counting on you." Nowadays, often I go to a training project for inmates in prisons across the bone works well in this sentence. Before speaking, what kinds of detainees and prisoners say that to me. Murderers, thieves, usurpers, kapkaççılar, hundreds of sexual offenders ... the man in front of me listening to me calmly. An "outside" look at that myself, an "inside" ... Who knows what the men hançerinin anger at a moment when the killer themselves are now lost ... What you have lost patience at the last minute exam, who knows? Perhaps I am one of them would lose their lost long before the point? Who knows what burning lust is a shameful aggression by keeping the middle of starting a storm? What I would do in such a situation? Sıkıştırılmışken the corner, climb the wall zorlanmışken, such as the fire licked Our cells while the frenzy of rage, just under the trigger finger ready, waiting for me, you, what would we? "I'm innocent," I say to them. The best I know, I'm sure most of this sentence. I also get the script here is not literature. "Yes, I am not a murderer, not to öldürmediğim no man, yet to sınanmadığım." "I am not thief, not to çalmadığım something, you will have to play for denenmediğim despair."

Just because I am innocent sınanmadığı now how to be really innocent? Moreover, all of which crime sınanmaların / not our processing axis. No one even tested kınamayacağı human affairs. Everyone alkışlayacağı, puts you on the back of a knife in a profile that will be admired. I'd be at least two men secretly admire about it. I'm personally witnessed someone Volkana harbiliğine. Million-dollar back-Cola advertising pen translate only great ... However, something is not right, nor what would ayıplanacaktı. But the "principle" of them stood by the Volkana. Surprise out of money, kaçımızın principled stance over the reasons for the specification would not? Sanırken standing firmly, or so it stopped at, the wind suddenly esiveren vidalarımızı gevşetmez hot lust? Should we not begin to tremble in the face of an attractive offer? From there you can yeltenmez to produce new grounds? Volkan Konak get Halal. Kenan Sofuoglu at someone ... Is Easy, hands düşüvermiş 800 thousand TL (old account 800 billion) in a snap, "forbidden" to go back is the saying? At a minimum, intermediate formulas, and rarely do kıvırtmalar kalkışamaz would seek fatwas? I do not know, his name was given as corporations or ... Good for you lad Canaan sıvasaydı trotters lane roads.

Indeed, is that the human raw untested man, did not find consistency. After all the love you find the consistency to get the error. After missing the foot down, you return to get halal. His head hit the wall itself or to get halal tradition. Untested man, like cars have not passed quality control. Proper posture and naylondur şimdiliktir. Savrulabilir curves, slopes fireni tutmayabilir, may zorlanınca way. Error has not eaten wind man, never seen a tree like winter. Upright posture are fake. Broken branches of forced displacement and play.


Husband left behind a lifetime. The brink of tears in the fifties. Today I am going to die, "may be" negligible. "Keep the change!" I had to call. Burial taşımda then surprise anyone to write figures. Kanıksanacak fact that I am no longer living. I spent a troubled childhood. There are deep wounds. Aside from improving a lot, even dokunamadım. There are fears. There are prejudices. Complexes there. I freak my heart was hurt in the periods. Sınandım fame, has been days I have lost. If I was able to realize the free exams, but I lost my money is plentiful. I'm not smooth. There are aspects of the defective. Most of the time dispersed, sometimes dağınığımdır. Rarely will you distribute. Areas such as honey, I know my feet are kayacağını. I was in Suizanda, gıybetini that I, my brothers and sisters have helalleşmekten Embarrassing. Bocalarken I see so far away I found myself on the verge of sins. When I receive praise, I am ashamed, very ashamed. When I am ashamed of the two kinds of applause. First, you already do not deserve to know, second, I thought boxes waiting for applause.


Adult and the sins of a human being. So, to me, sometimes starry-eyed innocence of a child in your eyes is melting like crazy I want to. Stripped of my past I want to walk over me like a dirty dress. If not been a witness to make slaves of men, clearly telling them that nobody else of what I did, but I can not do that no one notices it to become defective about me than I'd like to itiraflarımdan. Behold the companions, the Prophet (pbuh) is a little too heavy when you hear a very serious matter, "I wish I wish that after the incident, a Muslim!" Saying there either, so I want to scream. Before and during the formation of Muslim rebellions have Embarrassing. But ... But ... Now here is walking in the body to be an indispensable vazgeçiriyor admit to me. Holding on to the bottom of my confessions titrediğim esteem is the last breath. I am me, "confidant" as I stand. Kıvrılıyorum own helpless inside. I'm looking in the mirror in the mirror and I mutually susuyoruz, ashamedly.

Utandırıyorum man in the mirror I look into your eyes, I am ashamed of that man. Missing eyes, my eyes. "Did not you have another option, O God" comes diyesim. I have experienced all of them registered, know. I'm looking at my body feeding bırakılsın stone grave quietly, did I say shame. See the funeral that you're evil, do no acımadın? I am watching my face, put the soil readily, "There!" I say. See değdirdiklerine Topraklaşmasını accepting face ... well, like a Joseph looking at pictures of the past buried, "Have you no shame man," I say. "Where to hold his arm dragged adamcağızı!" Hayıflanıyorum. Too often I say life is alive all over again. But it was the one time ...

He'll say that, "the man" is not foolproof way of being. "The man of" first "Adam" in his career in the world ... it started with an error, "Adam" who, not error, error error to know. Human error is human. Reserved by the magnificence of the human failure.

Can claim to accuracy than to be a big mistake?

My brother asked the question he asked me sad question was: "Well, you'd want to see it as a man worthy of heaven itself? 'Of course I layığım heaven. Per pool koymalılar Kevser me ... 'you say, the actual sight itself worthy of that time to heaven ... "

Let us come, the title of this post ... Yes, this is a farewell letter. I saw that the title of the articles I'm always "internal gıcıklayıcı" he put it. Kaptırmışım or rating concern myself thoroughly! Now I would say goodbye to my posts to take the title myself. This makes the job better than the last writings Yasar marrowy leaving my brother. Yaşar'a smitten with the plague of sin. I'm also the last time the title of this article. Maybe it has changed Yasar. (Above, "This is a farewell script," Do you say? Writing plague spot is mine.)

Commentator advance warning to my brother: me, praises me, Lord, you know better. He knows how much of Övgünün deserve. Makes Övgünü to deserve me, I hope. Yeriyorsan me, well you know me, my Lord. He knows how much deserving of satire. Yerdiğin will not let me be so bad, I hope ...

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