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Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I used to wash the face of the wave running up in the morning, but I think I went out I was the type to open the computer. Initially, the notebook was heavy, götüremiyordum anywhere. But the netbooks or so? Something of a pound

Let the night tilt with the morning's first business to open, there is no computer with me everywhere I go. I used all my work over the internet in a long time to resolve. The issue of a single television muzdariptim being çözememiş; also took care of it thank goodness.
Girmemse into the incident was due to football. But it is not? Not so at home, the situation is going to see how the matches are not available? There Digiturkwebtv.com.tr said. I looked at went. The match you want to buy over the Web, watch perfectly. Digiturk is not required to be subscribers. There are seasonal package, the package has a fan ... High profile match, saying the league was not limited to the matter looked at. Series, documentaries and even have the channels or even erotic. Fobimi than a love of football beat, I can no longer credit card number over the Internet.

Even pause live TV
Then I stuck to my mind. Either the UEFA Champions League, European League, the Bank Asya First League? He said there is also simplified. D Smart isteizle.com has got. I looked, it matches the credit card I can buy here. Diziydi, filmdi, belgeseldi, erotikti; gani gani even at this address. The most recent; tivibu.com.tr to dadandım. Simultaneous monitoring of foreign domestic as well as many TV channels, the previous week, and many film sequences tivibu.com.tr enabling the tracking of the most striking part is that the press can print you have to stop, even while watching a live broadcast. Then when the craving to go if you follow. Credit card number or something to disappear as well. The fees are extremely reasonable bill reflected TTnet.
This is like three hours working at the address. That is an intercity bus with an Internet connection when you go to a cafe in Istanbul, on roads that are open to the internet connection, Ataturk Airport, in the workplace when available; TV on your computer. Get a headset 3G modem, but not necessarily with you but I'll manage.

Did not need to participate in an oral Turkish Eurovision song? You did not need. Why Require? This is a song contest, you want to attend language. Is the Eurovision join Rockçılara suits? Very suits. Bozmadıkları themselves as long as no problem. Headbanger's not forget even the rockers Lordi with SMS'leriyle first. Manga song you like? A catchy chorus, the lyrics to Eurovision a suitable arrangement and the message is concerned. This is required, the format is this. Although the song a chance to change things değiştirirdin what? Intro (input) part. Also, there is no need darbukaya. Eurovision quickly answering the questions above asking myself muhabbetinden sıyrıldım, relieved. Not surprisingly, as the Eurovision song performed sitting down immediately after their lead singer Fermin Akgül'e I spoke, I had pride in me to ask anything about Eurovision. Ferman also was surprised, of course.
- Which places do you love to give concert in Istanbul?
Kurucesme Arena. Bosphorus is a unique feeling to play against.
- Say walking alone?
I love to walk toward Ortakoy Besiktas Square. Ciragan Palace, Ataturk's picture on the left and trees on the right ... Fascinating. That the street, at the time of the sultans to the city to know that they have entered a very pleasant way.
- Manga to be lead singer, but because of the cannot is there something you want?
I think I can do anything I want. For example, the neighborhood is still in my hand bag and the ball can go play basketball. At this point, the advantage of being the largest group. My face as a solo artist tanınmamasından satisfied. Because the street just can not take the breaking of ties. I hope you've found the most famous is always the name of the group.

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