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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Traces of Thieves Yakalattı Finger

Gaziantep, gold and valuables stolen from a house allegedly by four suspects caught in the fingerprint.

According to information from the AA correspondent, Alleben Fuzuli Street District Poet, Ahmed Ataç thieves entered the house, the bedroom closet and a gold necklace, two gold bracelets, earrings and stole one.

Public Security Directorate, acting on a complaint of the landlord Theft Bureau Home and Office teams, Ahmed T, fingerprint found in the bedroom has a criminal record for theft.

Ahmed had been detained in the House of T, with the robbery of their query than three suspects named.

The other 3 suspects Ali Y, İzzettin C. K'yı Hussein was captured as a result of his work and the police.

4 suspects arrested in a police court procedures were then sent to the court.

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