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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Three maganda diplomat stabbed

Embassy of Germany 1 Undersecretary of discussing traffic was attacked by 3 people. Magandalar, rotary knives, and wounded his wife before the eyes of the German State Secretary

Embassy of Germany 1 Undersecretary Thomas Eberhard Schultze, after dinner the previous day along with his wife, Kathia Schultze, dangerous driving in a diplomatic way to home plate to drive vehicles made a selector. Mixed Class on the navigating on this Boulevard Schultze pair, the other vehicle, Cihan P., Hayden K. and Ellis A. began to follow. Three-person, double hand made arm movements and insulted.

Schultze hunters who want to get rid of the vehicle, the output of Konya Road. Other araçtakiler, an oil station and blocked the vehicle entering the Schultze'nin. The vehicle down to 3 people, began to argue with Schultze. To request officers to enter the station together, but attacking three other German legal counsel and the right leg kebab knife wounds on his abdomen. The attackers then fled the scene, vehicles, Schultze was removed by ambulance of Gazi University Medical Faculty Hospital.

The police, who fled Cihan P., Hayden K. Ellis and A. 's, used vehicle MOBESE cameras caught a short time following. Alcohol and drug suspects during the incident were taken.
Cihan P. and A. Ellis of the restaurant in a raw, Hayden K. 's work is a kebapçıda learned. Health status is expected to be discharged today Schultze'nin specified as well.

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