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Monday, December 20, 2010

"There workers can not find work"

4 textile exports to the country town of Yozgat Sorgun Doğankent facilities district is experiencing shortage of personnel.

Owner Joseph gid, 40 years working on the textile in Istanbul, a very famous company doing production of shirts and jeans, said: "For a long time before this, the Akdağmadeni jeans Doğankent'te doing on the production, however, qualified to run the province with high unemployment rates have difficulty in finding staff, "he said.

Yozgat which you want to create jobs by producing your own hometown, but despite all efforts, and the kinds of ads, wants to attract attention to staggers ulaşamadığına the number of workers, said:

"Something to produce your own hometown, providing employment for the textile factory installed on our town that our jeans. Normally 80 people capable of workers. However, opportunities for these workers to remove the number to 120. Unfortunately, although right now I need 55 workers working at least 80 workers, overtime yaptıramıyoruz. That should produce I produce less pants. Yetiştiremiyorum Orders. My work is very intense. Our factory produce jeans pants, France, Russia, Italy and the Arab countries are exported. Continuous advertisements you out, hang them all over the announcements, distribute flyers but still can not find workers. Do not see these ads can not find work in this country people are complaining? Service, insurance for, have our dinner. Despite all this, not to find it really interesting element. We are in Istanbul, even so did not have staff shortages. "

Daily capacity of 700, indicating that staggers over pants, the presence of any number of elements of this issue can be taken two thousand, adult education centers, said that the demand for skilled help and support for the element. Joseph staggers, learn new job training can give workers three months, then have proven ability to work continuously alınacaklarının also underlined.

Gid, "Yozgat provides a very good living from the people I know under what conditions. The number of unemployed in our area that we know what proportions. The population is over 50 thousands Sorgun, however doğumuzda services in the county have Saraykent and Akdagmadeni. This is the population density in the middle of a place. However, workers can not find a really thought-provoking, "he said.

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