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Friday, December 31, 2010

There was no such blackmail!

This event brings in the township of Phoenician stone movies ... His mother lay her daughter to leave!
There was no such blackmail! "Leave me, saying, " her lover into the relationship with his mother, his alleged blackmail threat to spread the relationship that young people were arrested.

18-year-old mother living in the township of Phoenicia ANTALYA ES unemployed and living in Antalya, Dawn M. (19) on the internet, he met and became lovers after a while. The young girl, her father divorced her mother, HK (38) came to Antalya with Dawn M. met. Marriage minded E.S. with her mother, unemployed young people like it and returned to Finike.

Dawn M., then phoned the family began to bother. Dawn M. met with HK, to leave her daughter in exchange for sexual relations can enter a comfortable, he said. Antalya from the mother, a pension Konyaaltı'ndaki youth sexual relationship after he returned from Finike.

Shortly after, Dawn M. suggested that virtual sex with the woman looking for the phone. Anne H.K. Dawn M. said he did not want to threatened to tell his daughter entered the relationship. Desperate women, forced on the phone did virtual sex. Dawn M. phone sex conversations recorded content. Later, the mother seeking a young, wanted to send him money.

H.K. Sent four thousand. However, 10 thousand young people wanted suspect admitted to police in HK. Suspect was taken into custody record phone conversations in virtual sex.

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