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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sweet's mother was buried Ilıcak'ın

Sabah newspaper columnist and sports writer Ilicak Sweet mother of Omar Ihsan Cavusoglu Cavusoglu (97) was buried at his funeral in Istanbul.

Cavusoglu Ihsan Mosque at a ceremony for the Baby, Sweet Ilicak and Omer Cavusoglu taziyeleri agreed with the other family members.

The ceremony, spouse HAS Party Chairman, former Prime Minister Tansu Ciller, Turkey's Journalists Association Chairman Orhan Erinc, Sisli Mayor Mustafa Sarigul, journalists and relatives of those who love Cavusoglu, as well as participated in Hıncal Uluç.

Nazli Ilicak, said in a statement to journalists at the ceremony, since childhood, lived in fear of losing his mother said,''In recent years, got used to it goodbye. I slowly broke apart. Pain is great. Whether Forums heaven,''he said.

Cavusoglu also long been recognized by Tansu Ciller stated,''He is an honorable hanımefendiydi. Recent history has witnessed a personality. To love him too. God rest his soul''he said.

Cavusoglu's funeral, after the noon prayer rendered Zincirlikuyu Cemetery was laid to rest.

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