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Friday, December 31, 2010

Suicide events will be announced in Igdir

Igdir recently decided to commission research to investigate the increasing incidents of suicide.

Igdir Governor, told AA correspondent on the subject,''our province in recent days because of increased suicide of case of National Education, Mufti, the Provincial Directorate of Social Services, and Health Directorate, a team of experts to investigate the events they want to commit suicide kurdurarak''he said.

Flower, the commission of experts to prepare a report required by work and meetings and seminars organized in accordance with this report said. Governor Flower, the commission's work will be trained both parents and young people said.

Igdir separate neighborhoods in the last 20 days had 3 young suicide. 19-year-old Ç.K December 28, last weekend's 15-year-old LV, 8 December, give examples of the 12-year-old, was found hanging in their homes.

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