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Monday, December 20, 2010

Spoke to the headscarf, video 'click' record breaking!

Spoke to the headscarf!

Piercingli, Che, Ekin Morche Guavera shirt of a young girl named Erma, a television reporter, "why can not resolve the headscarf issue?'''Answers to the question, the social networking sites in recent days was the most clicked video.

Marmara University Department of Music Education says reading Erma, Country TV reporter in an interview carried out by the street has made controversial statements.

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"Those who want to read headscarf keep reading anyway, because it means that they do not like to read a request,''he said, and the discussion started by a young girl, said:" people who want to read it would be a little educated. This is the veil of work, knows that there is nothing to do with fabric. Top of closing there are 75 million range. I tell you I close a deal, no one understands that it is a thing of faith. Take a look around you, people in Yemen, like in Afghanistan. Türbanda wantonness is a separate people have to see.''

'STRONGLY oppose headscarf'

Reporter's persistent questions about the freedom of the headscarf to take steps in the face of a young girl, a military uniform headscarf claimed that: "why headscarves have always the same pattern? Why not a message that none of symbolizing world peace? If they carry a different message. Strongly oppose headscarf. Not the university, in a shelter against the country! To certain people so that no one has the right to religious belief.''

26-year-old words of Ekin Erman Morche kopmasının the apocalypse, and then justify those who find social networking sites like crimson yöneltenler There is also criticism.

Erma was born into a family of Artists in Istanbul, Istanbul University State Conservatory, Department of Classical Guitar. In order to establish a second university art academy in Datca Marmara University Department of Music Education and began to read. Many guitar instructor, working Erman, Facebook says it is in a personal work on the album.

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