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Friday, December 31, 2010

She spoke of the General Staff

Nihat Dogan virtual worlds for him at the end of the deer population exploded

"New York Five Minaret film, I think New York goes," the discourse of the Internet with a number of deers singer Nihat Dogan, these different forces in the virtual universe emits a psychological operation against him was made and argued.

She spoke of the General Staff

Nihat Dogan Chief of General Staff Gen. Ilker Basbug mind these words at a press conference "organized through the media against the TSK, were constructed asymmetrical and have a psychological yaprıtma" reminded me of the words. Gen. Isik Kosaner, as the first Chief of General Staff said in his speech made TSK psychological warfare against asymmetric.

Behind the different forces, a psychological harekâttır
Nihat Doğan Ayhan's guest of Radio Klas'ta Hopdedik, virtual worlds about himself criticized the yakıştırmaları. 'Minaret film in New York Five, I think New York goes' everyone's language of the promise of virtual worlds falling Dogan, on the subject, "To me, this nonsense words and deer yakıştıranlar, olasılığımdan to tell me these words even more funny.' In New York Five Minaret 'I think the film goes to New York City' nonsense ... This is a project of a dilution. yakıştırılan me all of these words has a hand. Behind him is different forces, a psychological harekâttır "he said.

Harassment in this country have

Years ago I sang 'I am do not get harassed' songs, and songs shared by everyone on the internet stating misunderstood Dogan, "The word abuse, been one-sided love and I correspond to disturb do not give money. In this country there is harassment in traffic, on the phone. But this mentality here is another side to his mind that he side pull their abuse, "he defended himself.

Okan brings me to gas

Many concise word he says, has been the subject said Nihat Dogan Okan Bayülgen television program, criticizing him for Bayülgen reiterated that offended. The famous singer, "go out with Okan diet program, you'll pay.

Not Kırgınlığım

Okan starcıklarımıza asks something, and they can not satisfy. Okan, hollow artists to make money out of a smart ... Kırgınlığım him not, because I said that many of his program is concise. Okan knows to bring me gas, "he said.

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