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Friday, December 31, 2010

Sharia court to decide the horror!

The court ruled that the loss of a man's eye and ear
Sharia court to decide the horror! Name only as Hamid described the defendants, five years ago, another man accused of opening the way to his ear and blind eye etching.
Hamid deemed to be blind as a punishment, also have to pay blood money.

Hamid, another one of the confusing name of the victim is described only as David, said. Semi-official Fars news agency, according to Hamid's main goal had previously bullied him at school a friend of an older class.

Hamid, "some of my classmates in high school bullying so much that I'm going through, we had to move into the city. This went on continuously gnaw my brain, I could not overcome. Acid bought and I went to my old school. arkadaşlarımını emergence waited for some class. David when I followed him, and acid I threw. In the meantime, my legs hurt myself, "he said.

In November 2008, Macid Movahedi, Eminem refused to marry him atmakla Bahramia'ya acid found guilty, the two eyes hükmedilmişti to lose. Punishment is not known whether or not executed. In October, Iran cut off a thief's hand as punishment.

Iran, on charges of adultery sentenced to stoning for the international community should not be executed under penalty Aştiyani'nin Sakis Muhammad is facing intense pressure.

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