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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Prof. Dr. M. Had Retired Sitki ARAS.

Prof. Dr. M. ARAS Sitki retired on December 19, 2010. Hocamızın farewell dinner organized by the Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Biography and photos below.

Aras was born in 1943 in the village of Pasinler Dolek middle and high school education after completing the first in 1964 and entered the Faculty of Agriculture, Ataturk University, graduated in 1968. After serving a short period of Artvin Province Agriculture directorate was appointed as Assistant Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture in 1970. The same department in 1974, Doctor, Associate Professor in 1982 and took the title of Professor in 1988. For a period of 2 years in Germany to carry out scientific research work in the country and abroad and published nearly 100 Aras. Which was established in 1988, and Ataturk University Agricultural Faculty Department of Fisheries and gave the region an innovation would have a significant potential to lead. Currently, the Eastern Anatolia and Eastern Black Sea, first of all, including the establishment, installation, technical support provided 350 water products. Prof. graduated over 20 masters and 18 PhD. Dr. Aras shook many students are still many important administrative and academic positions at the university are located. His department has over 20 years of Fisheries is currently president of the scientific world's leading duayenlerindendir Aras.

Important scientific studies, as well as the intellectual and cultural identity with a Professor. Dr. Architects''Spiritual''Aras Sitki Erzurum,''Spirit of the city's major cultural works such as''fruit''and''Willow was awarded by the organization in many important.

Prof. retired on December 19, 2010. Dr. ARAS Sitki to wish you good health and lives.

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