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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Pelvic bone they did a hundred!

Traffic accident pelvic bone piece was transferred to the young woman's face.

Yavuz Ozden living in Isparta (37), last year's fiance went to Antalya for the exchange of wedding dönerkentrafik kazasıgeçirdi Rare Öztürk. Rare Ozturk died in the accident, Ozden Yavuz was severely injured. Face recognition has become a young woman's brain membrane rupture and lost his left eye, jaw and cheek bone were also found to be broken. Yavuz remaining in intensive care for a long time, after recovering from the vital danger, to remedy the damage on the Isparta Suleyman Demirel University Medical Faculty Hospital were referred to the Department of Reconstructive and Plastic Surgery.

PART transferred

Assoc. Dr. Turgut Yavuz sides were operated by a partner-led team, pelvic bone piece was transferred. Yavuz Ozden operation on the left cheek and eye wall of the destroyed re-done. Yavuz's face after the crash last year gained a normal appearance. Assoc. Dr. Common, "The patient's face after the accident had been severely damaged. Brain membrane rupture, fractures of the jaw and had. First Department of Neurosurgery doctors intervened. Then we went into. Pelvic bone (iliac bone) received piece of bone loss in the face with a successful operation and went to fix the appearance of the face. The patient's face looks so much better now, "he said.


Will undergo a final operation in the coming days than Yavuz Ozden said Assoc. Dr. Common, "Finally, a portion of the bone will be put into the patient's forehead. Overcome the problem of cracks in detention. Solved the problem of opening the mouth. Planned to take about 4 hours after the operation structure of the face will give pre-accident patient. Through the eyes of a single left-back will be a shortage of the accident. The patient had lost his left eye in the accident, unfortunately, "he said.

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