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Friday, December 31, 2010

Original language debate by Erbakan 2

Erbakan, the leader of the Felicity Party,''özerlik''and''language''two debates,''Turkey harple yenemeyeceklerini understands foreign powers, a part of the plan argued that splitting the nation for 2011, spoke of the ambitious.

Erbakan published a new year message, therefore, the assessments made on matters on the agenda. 2010 with a year''as''futile debates wasted evaluating Erbakan's general elections in 2011, the''lost years of compensation and re-described it as''a turning point for Turkey's establishment.

Necmettin Erbakan, the Muslim New Year message,''a history of Muharram, is the head of the calendar year January 1. Islamic world celebrated their New Year on 1 Muharram. Geography of the Islamic faithful sons of this nation at a time when drowned in blood and tears falling to us in our faith, not to make history and traditions contrary to the fun of the world to pray for all the oppressed and the victims should be given''in the statements.

Erbakan, said:

4-person family for a month and a''tea-bagel eats only the minimum wage is not enough. Our nation is losing now in the hands of the wheel. However, very poor, those who pay a bagel fukaraya, faizciye continues to pay $ 1 billion every week. 47.5 billion pounds in 2011 from the budget the money will go to interest only. If you paid interest if paid in a single nation, citizens are hungry and do not open. Those tea, bagels account before coming to power, but now seems to have forgotten that our nation has not forgotten accounts. Coming to power by vote of the poor still account Bagels bagel account will go from power.''

Erbakan,''the two languages,''and''autonomy''in the discussions made the statement following reviews:

Turks and Kurds are brothers'', there is no problem between them, has been this way throughout history. Our conviction because we would not be racial discrimination. We tried for a thousand years, the Turks and the Kurds in this country, we have for this country you feel. Meat nail integral, Kürtsüz Turkish-Kurdish-Türksüz happens. They wanted to divide our country racist imperialism games. Turkey understands harple yenemeyeceklerini external forces, our nation is part of a plan to divide and collisions with each other. This is to be conscious of the games we have to protect and brotherhood. Otherwise, we continued into the hands of racist imperialists. Games against the nation experienced in the dark. As with common sense to have it before that then it will break the insidious plans.''

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