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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

OLD WIFE IS WE WILL Weddings and Witnesses?

Recently, much-discussed television format, the 'Old Wife's Wedding Witnesses Would you be? "Global Agency announced that it pazarladığını many countries. So what do we run? In my ear a little bit cautious on this issue from the company. How do citizens react on run-watched channels predictable. Even small channels yayınlansa 'rating' is estimated to reach for the unexpected figures. But I have reservations on this issue.
Well, that is, the future former spouse, new spouse, will witness the wedding. Well have the blood out! In fact a sociological situation. How much of what society kaldırabildiğiyle. 'Marriage' encounter examples of programs not call celebrities gossips. You also do not have to bother. Married and his wife are separated, a new maturity in the happiness of being a witness or 'abnormal' situation is not. But it comes to the fore the issue of Racon. Moral of all cases of similar formats already facing a question mark. So, which states 'we are not an issue' in this case, the comfort?

Six countries, the former spouses may be witness to the wedding
In such a situation arises. Agency officials, according to the information I get from global competition format, the first country in the Ukraine. March-April as scheduled to be published. Then, Brazil, India and France, will begin competition in 2011, is scheduled to run at least six countries.
In this contest we run? I wonder if your vision. But the answer "do not fit us," avoided like the short sentences! s.kologlu @ milliyet.com.tr s.kologlu @ gmail.com

Muhabbet EGG TV
The youth protests of eggs an 'urban legend' became. "Change the fact that television is a residential conversion" or less. Behold 'the TV function and the effects of society' is written on the papers either. Take a very concrete example. This series of reflections on progress and news bulletins.
'Daisy' is a series of girls and a male university student, comes to town egg. Lutfi asks: "Is not nobody atmayacaksınız?" They said: "No," he says. Then Lutfi, "how much acıtırdı atsalar boiled egg," he says. Necati very democratic act that the egg is done in many parts of the world and does not harm karşıdakine just thrown the situation and reduce the person tells a little bit funny. Lutfi also "scrambled, do take it, do not throw to anybody," he refers to the Prime Minister.
Ugur Dundar going to make a speech to students at Kadir Has University threw a surprise egg.

Fox 'Dirty White' Operation I saw yesterday, Fox TV's most-watched time period, 'Will It Up' there. Repeat that. Channel D's broadcast of the match and 'Zeitgeist' series took the operation of such a channel. We like the channels already in the stock market. This applies not only to Fox. All channels, such 'everyday operations of the program' is doing. 'Dirty White' most watched series of the period away from the bustle of today's more relaxed kaydırmışlar time period. Instead of 'Will he put part of Kadar'ın again. Meanwhile, in a footnote; Levent? Kirchner signed the right channel broadcasting comedy program again. And it wants to consume.

FAULTY Cinema The Movies
'Antichrist' or 'Antichrist' film under the title of such a showing in the top of the list. Bothering a movie, for sure. I think it was discussed, and some scenes in the multi-representation 'censorship' will undergo. Some movies 'templates' slid 'tu kaka' is the easy way to. Ürkütmesi, sakladıklarımızı something that we are not accustomed to our shock, our faces. "I recommend this film to everyone," I can not say. But we can not see such a different and much televizyonlarımızda is an example of 'wanting Watch' I say. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Willem Defoe two roles of each player's hard to say I get up from under.

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