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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Turkish dictionary discussions

"TDK East and Southeast Anatolia region of 20 thousand up to their mouths the word of the dictionary's " claims ...

Turkish Language Society (TDK) President Prof. Dr. Sukru Haluk Akalin, women, insults, condescending, wrong attitudes and behaviors of advice, social peace has been received damaged idioms and proverbs dictionaries prepared for schools, said: "These kind of practices 'censorship', 'throw statement in the dictionary as' unfair to qualify," he said.

Akalin, Siirt MP Osman Ozcelik BDP in Parliament during the budget negotiations, "TDK East and Southeast Anatolia region of 20 thousand up to their mouths the word of the dictionary's" allegations of grade on the relevant information, presented by State Minister Mehmet Aydin said.

Aydın, Minister of the "words of disposing of a region, that there is no sayılmasının never" stressed that specifies Akalin, Aydin, "TDK is a holistic approach that looks at the presence of Turkish presence in all that by bringing together the largest of the Turkish language dictionary is an effort to prepare, "explained said.

Original event, TDK "prepared dictionaries for elementary school students and younger generations with unfair and negative meanings, proverbs and idioms that contradicts the laws and public morality or not," stressed the decision was based on Akalin, said: "The young generation, 'the devil take the hindmost' , 'sea of the State property, not eat pork', 'I live a thousand years touched the snake,' 'stick in her back, belly, missing colt will not' kind words 'skirt', 'spoon enemy' is a transfection of the benefit of such statements due to the lack of such a decision taken. This exclusion dictionaries school decision promises, fifteen people were issued in 2006 by a working group. This decision is 'unfair and negative meanings, carrying conflicting laws and public morality, proverbs and idioms' is a decision about, only to dictionaries for elementary and high school students valid.

Humiliation of women, contemptuous, advised that the wrong attitude and behavior, social peace, damaged due to lack of use of idioms and proverbs in a transfer of students prepared for the kind words dictionaries schools are not taken. "


Language used in the words the dictionary has received remarkable Akalin, "in other languages as well as our language, our language dictionary to have their heads in the matter of preparing the regional integration policy. Purpose, published by TDK and demanded all the words that the existence of our language contains a large glossary ölçünlü bulunabilmesidir Turkish Dictionary" he said.

Idioms and proverbs in all languages with Negation as pointing to the presence of the Turkish language, Akalin, said: "the existence of this word in language, according to the principles of lexicography take Turkish Dictionary with a large glossary. The words used to live for, first of all need to change mindset . a change of mentality in our children first, the young generations of these words is provided öğretilmemesiyle. So we prepared for the schools of this idioms dictionaries, proverbs did not include. Each country prepared dictionaries for specific education levels be reached for similar practices. TDK is also his. "

TDK, some of the concepts of social peace, damages and spent reviewing the definitions in the same sense of responsibility about these concepts in Turkish Dictionary Akalin regulations stating that, "taking into consideration the principles of lexicography, and the facts behind the bağdaşmayan'çingene era ',' mumsöndü 'definitions of words such as re-made. These practices' censorship', 'throw statement in the dictionary as' unfair to qualify. TDK, the principles of lexicography preparing dictionaries, dictionaries of scientific methods and definitions is "the assessment found.

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