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Saturday, December 25, 2010

New claims for the elections in Kosovo

Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party (KDTP), 20 seats reserved for ethnic communities in Kosovo, the Constitutional requirement that the Turkish political parties argued that the two seats in the fall KDTP'ye.

Replaces the former General Secretary of the idea still can not be selected KDTP'nin Damka, AA correspondent, said the Kosovo Central Election Commission (CEC), a legal expert Pireva'nın Fehmi, "participating in the election of Kosovo Democratic Turkish Party (KDTP) and the Turkish Union of Kosovo (KTB) Parliament will receive a "statement that is not true, he said.

Damka, two quota seats allocated to the Turks, one of the Turkish Union of Kosovo (KTB) to take, should take one-third of votes in the election KDTP'nin claimed.

This kind of distribution of seats in the quota of Kosovo is based on the General Election Act Damka defending, did not specify that the relevant articles of the law.

The precise results of the early elections in Kosovo on December 12, 2011 January 9 reported five municipalities are expected to be renewed after the elections.

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