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Friday, December 31, 2010

Most stock exchanges winning and losing

International stock markets this year, investors in Europe, the most joyful Germany Stock Exchange, Indonesia Stock Exchange was in Asia.

Those who lost their attention between value exchanges, the French Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange was.

DAX Index in Germany last year, the last trading day in Europe, Exchange, 1.2 percent (81.28 points), falling, closed the year at $ 6,914.19. Throughout the year, sixteen percent of the DAX Index gained up to 1000 points, ie. FTSE 100 Index UK Stock Exchange today, 1.19 per cent (71.07 points) fell 5,899.94 points, closing the year, the index gained 9.2 percent for the whole year.

France CAC 40 Index Exchange 1.19 percent (45.98 points) decreased by 3,804.78 points, closed the year, the index fell 3.34 percent for the whole year.

Tokyo Stock Exchange today, the main indicator of procedures done in Asia, Japan Nikkei 225 Index yesterday 1.1 percent (115.62 points) decreased by 10,228.92 points closed. Tokyo Stock Exchange this year, the yen appreciation against the dollar by 12 per cent negative impact on Japan's exports fell by 3 per cent concerns.

China Shanghai Stock Exchange, the government's fast-growing economy from overheating and rising real estate prices will take stringent measures to protect the anxieties of people this year, fell 14.3 percent.

Indonesia, Southeast Asia, foreign investors showed great interest in the stock market gained 46 percent. Towards the end of the year in East Asia with North Korea despite the tension in the South Korean Stock Exchange, KOSPI Index rose 22 percent this year.

Hong Kong, the Hang Seng Index gained in value for the whole year of 5.3 per cent, in Australia, the stock market fell 2.6 percent.

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