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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Metro 2033 - 2010 - Full - Free Download - Download - Upload

Russian Glukhovsky'nin mystery, action and science fiction novel, blending the Metro 2033 in Russia, first out of 400,000 a week I had taken a record of selling over. Moscow has become a nuclear war because of the yaşanılmayacak people and the people living in this area subject to our game, as its name suggests, the struggle of people living underground stations and a mysterious blend of science fiction tells the events. Forget the earth, the sun listening to the elders, learned only in the presence of the "underground" people, for many years kalıyorlar condemned to live in tunnels and stations. Stations miniature city, making it "underground" station for the people of the most dangerous one of the things that can go on a journey between the cities, because the subway tunnels envai kind of mutant, javelin throwing creatures and bandits.

Exploding a nuclear bomb in 2011 because of the new judges of the earth is going mutants. Radiation and become extremely hot because of the already yaşanılmayacak find themselves living in Moscow subway station and the remedy, leaving the Russians longing for daylight flash tutuşuyorlar years. Show the lack of secure cities of the earth is safe. Miniature right-left opinion in a similar way from the subway, the neo-communists and neo-Nazis dominated the organization, including 2 separate ...

Besides that the game will attract the most attention there is a different organization. "Dark Ones" or "Dark People" moniker attached to this organization consists of mysterious creatures and attacking people is not known why. The game will add a great mystery of the "Dark Ones" with the organization say that to avoid atacağınızı life. Because the game is said to be their most hard-core.

Broaches the issue of nuclear explosion, and our game later years he wrote the name of the game such as passing in 2033. Artyom's character, we will check the Metro 2033'de fiction about one of the very focus of the "Dark Ones" will be the organization. "Dark Ones" organization consist of mysterious creatures, and psychic powers. Any human "Dark Ones" have lost consciousness in the face of the organization where kapaklanabiliyor psychic powers, but these creatures in a way not known to cause psychic powers, does not impact Artyom'a. This Artyom'u "Dark Ones" organization seeks to understand what it is and what is only human. You have learned the name of the character in the meantime, the main ...

Artyom'un psychic powers of visualization or fantasy, this resistance is thought to be seen, but it is not certain. The game also stated that we will see quite a lot of dead people, but it would be a link Artyom'un adventure and now we do not know how the topic. As well as the FPS of the game will meet up anywhere in NPC'lerle diyaloglarımızın which is said to affect the flow of the game fairly. This also shows the existence of social aspects of the game. If we want to be successful in the game, Metro will need to establish dialogue with the people well. In addition, a variety of tasks we can get an extra NPC's becoming the biggest step towards the strengthening of our equipment.

From the first scene shown is a simple Artyom'un 2033'ün Metro station from the station to deliver a car with three tunnel kazıcısı see that it works. After a while, I mentioned "Dark Ones" psychic powers of the creatures comes along bayıltıyor diggers, Artyom standing tall in the mold of a hand-diggers trying to wake the other hand, is trying to resist against these mysterious creatures. Without a weapon during the first 1 hour of the game is almost as vulnerable to a friend progress after recording the first encounter with the Bourbon. Bourbon, to help him because Artyom'a haven is the first weapon is the gift of the AK-47.

Weapons in the game need to separate the two classes, one of the weapons of the earth, the other weapons of the underworld. Earth weapons, nuclear weapons savaşdan ago by machines is created with the latest technology. When you find these weapons will not want to never leave, because the aim weapons capabilities, and much better than ground forces. In the underground weapons, restricted weapons facilities underground population consists of the scrap. The earth is the gun for a gun strapped to her for a while Bourbon View will be the most logical.

Another interesting detail in the game as the bullets pass oluyor.satıcılardan new equipment to receive the money, or be able to use these bullets silahınızda. As the money go through the game, something very natural, of course, ultimately a nuclear war broke out, and not something in the name of economy, but the bullets used in this regard as a bright idea came to me and quite enterasan. Projectiles in the Earth using the money you will find a variety of cities

The theme will be dominated by the Metro 2033'de privacy. Assuming that the vast majority of the game will pass in the six areas are already supposed to be ... You can see them trying to cross some of the regions will encounter enemies in the game. Artyom'un watch it too many times will it work. With a sensor in the shadows of the hour to understand what is so obvious. Necessary in some parts of our game we will have to go in the face. However, these sections, naturally, the effect of radiation is not possible to live in due to the wearing gas masks. These sections say that playing a very hard time to live. Gas mask filter to have a certain endurance time, and until this time, he needs to finish your work space.

If the work of these sections you are attacked by creatures that even when things are around sarpa. If you are installing gas mask, and a better shooter than you have to be careful, because if the damage likely to break if you have a gas mask. Broken theres a gas mask does not work, and therefore the die is inevitable. Fortunately, many dead bodies around to find it, we have the opportunity to refresh this cesetlerdeki by gas masks.

THQ, Metro 2033'ün novel will remain very loyal. If you book more or less knowledgeable about the big "spoilers" s did you eat most of the means. However, the game will go the same issue with some of the places where the novel was announced. In other words, those who find the novel a chance to read or find in the game in the face of different things. In the meantime, an agreement on the rights of the novel varmalarının Glukhovsky'nin with THQ, as well as the author in the process of development of the game 3 years 4A Games

Metro 2033'de the biggest thing that would disappoint his players, the game consisted of only single-player mode, players will be ... I think Metro 2033 players who want to hunt each other tunnels on this issue yalayacaklar palms. It's really very sad, 3-year development process, 4A Games to why this thought, thought, or did not do very well I wonder ... I guess the players' tunnel sections only, stealing each other's gas masks, or projectiles, or times of struggle is that they thought that was boring, I do not know. However, there is only one thing is certain that the main story of the Underground 2033'ün be very deep and impressive and very aratmayacağı multiplayer mode ... Multiplayer mode is expected to be available DLC'den maybe a possible future. Multiplayer mode will be very unusual to give the money I think ... also said to be helpful.

* Dual core processor (Core 2 Duo or better) (Dual-kernel not trust not run)
* DirectX 9, Shader model 3 supporting graphics cards (GeForce 8800, GeForce GT220 or better) (Display not trust your card may not run)
* 1GB of RAM

* Any Quad Core or 3.0 + GHz Dual Core processor
* DirectX 10 video card (GeForce GTX 260 or better)
* 2GB of RAM

For best performance and image:
* Core i7 processor
NVIDIA DirectX 11 supported graphics card (GeForce GTX 480 and 470)
* Possible RAM (8GB +)
* Fast HDD or SSD

"3D Vision" to play with:
Metro 2033'ün, as well as NVIDIA, "3D Vision" technology and hardware that support video cards that are playable within the specified. 3D size, you need to play the game are as follows:

* NVIDIA GeForce GTX 275 or better
* 120Hz or better monitor
* NVIDIA "3D Vision" kit
* Microsoft Windows Vista or Windows 7

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