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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lieutenant colonel called Hipnozcu Ulugün

Kayseri, non-commissioned, torture and hypnosis testimony to be within the knowledge of the incident was alleged that Lieutenant-General Ridvan Ulugüler'in.

7.5 years imprisonment alanemekliYarbay Gurol Dogan, including the fact that the investigation period, he said Garrison Commander, Major General Ulugüler'in knowledge and permission of

Kayseri, non-commissioned investigation into the torture and hypnosis testimony taken at the Garrison Commander of the period suggests that the knowledge and consent takes place. Retired Lieutenant Colonel Gurol yargılandığıKayseri2 Dogan. In a letter to the High Criminal Court, including the investigation and having come to Kayseri, Kayseri 2nd period Air Supply and Maintenance Center (Expert Choice) and the Garrison Commander, Major General Ridvan Ulugüler'in (still with the rank of Lieutenant-General) said that the knowledge and permission.

Kayseri 2 High Criminal Court trial of a defense his own handwritten letter to the court that on May 14, 2010 Dogan, told me: "Air Force Chief Public Prosecutor and his team came to the Command of the incident scene to resolve the activities of Kayseri 2 Expert Choice 03/03/2009 started as of date. başkanıHava KuvvetleriAskeri Prosecutor Colonel Ahmet Zeki Üçok'un Team as soon as possible to resolve the incident during a meeting of the Air Judge Colonel Ahmet Erdem obtain a recommendation had been some question on the merits, and Major Jack Steel Ucok şahsımla by telephone at about noon on 07.03.2009 connection is established. "

REQUEST TO ULUGÜLER'İN have become just Involvement

Founded in touch with him on the phone, 'to provide information by phone objectionable, we need your help, when help came and the country will have served a very big issue, it is important to understand the rights you're gonna come and learn, "as used in expressions describing Dogan, the letter" Assistant'm Izmir on request from Kayseri, Kayseri increasingly Garrison and 2 Expert Choice Commander, Major General (AGE meeting in 2010 August was promoted to Lieutenant General) and the Air Force Command Chief Prosecutor Colonel Ahmet Zeki Ridvan Ulugün Üçok'un knowledge, involved in the formation of the event in question was within the authority and desire, "he said.

Asks to see a

In addition to the post by the defense and Gurol Dogan Kayseri 2 Kayseri 2 letter to the High Criminal Court Expert Choice to find the perpetrators of the incident Komutanlığı'ndaki Air Force Military Prosecutor Colonel Lieutenant General Ahmed Zeki Üçok'un Ulugüler'in demand, including the investigation of this program. Hypnosis expert retired Lieutenant Colonel Gurol Dogan, and Ahmet Zeki Ulugün told them to be proving the correctness of Üçok'un with the parties, including taking witness statements as demanded. Retired Lieutenant Colonel of the non-commissioned hypnosis testimony Gurol Dogan, were sentenced to 7.5 years, participated in the event to be expressed by torture on the grounds that the case was opened on the former Military Prosecutor Ahmet Zeki Ucok.

COURT preserved

Air Force Military Court, "the official document forgery" of the last hearing last week for alleged trial court delegation Petty Officer Ali Balta, Balta lawyers 'victims' in his capacity as Lieutenant-General intervened in the proceedings had not given permission to respond to questions asked by Ulugüler'e .


Garrison Commander Lieutenant General at the time of Ridvan Ulugüler'in neighborhood with a large number of shopkeepers in Kayseri 9 fişlediği emerged. Kayseri these places left to just fişlemekle Ulugün, fişlenen places orders issued in order to prevent military personnel. Kayseri 2 Supply and Maintenance Center Command on 31 December 2008 introduced the 'Entry into the Military Personnel Destinations objectionable is titled' scandal, the soldiers the order to be communicated only orally and were asked to hung panels.


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