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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Koza Gold support for the effectiveness of Bergama, the Turkish Women's Union

The administration of the Turkish women the right to elect and be elected members of the Turkish Women's Association gathered during the anniversary events, hosted by Pergamon.

Koza Gold from AS, given in a statement, because of events for guests from the county is made to support the amount of 10 thousand pounds was announced. Women who participated in activities organized by the Turkish Union of Turkish Women's Association of Bergama Branch Headquarters and the Board of Directors, Union of Turkish Women in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus with Central and Branch Heads of the Board of Directors had the opportunity to recognize members of the Pergamum.

Turkish Women's Union for many years that support the work of Bergama Branch Koza Gold Enterprises, December 5th anniversary of the Turkish Women Selection and Selection of issue thereof has been supporting the union.

Koza Gold, the brothers Restorant'ta dinner sponsored the printing of invitations cocoon quality, the construction of MARA flags, a gift to visitors of the olive oil into bags, scarves, delight, key chain, pen, supplying, constructing plaques, music fee to meet the many aspects of Turkish Women's Union 'What was the support.

Teachers found the opportunity to thank the supporters of the first night of Bergama Turkish Women's Association of Bergama Branch, Koza Gold plaque of Operations, joined the company on behalf of the Public Relations Manager Sadie Çidem'e handed out to dinner.

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