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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I still am not afraid of love

Watched with interest 'Zeitgeist' finals approaching, the series' Ceyda Basak Sayan'la portrayed the character of a pleasant chat ... Acting, on love and life we do, would be worth reading the exclusive interview ...

Zeitgeist 'series finale nears. Yoğunlaşıyorsunuz what the rest of the time periods of shooting you these days?

Filming outside the accompaniment of classical music I write articles. Sports'm doing. One of these days I watch horror films.

In general, when you look at 'what can acting and good oynayabiliyorum says' Do not do gösteremiyorum acting more as I want to say?

Technically, pretending I do not know. I'm that character at that moment. I know the people living off that emotion. Is the most important aspect of acting, to be credible. And I know I'm fine about it. This is something in me. To convince people to not do this job again, I think I'd be doing another job and convince.


Relevant to begin acting as a manager to call a television station, telling you want to study, discuss this at the end of the industry took action. See this show, a passion to do the job, get to work and not have to move in that direction, no matter what? You do it because the best evidence, how happy that.

If you want something really out in front of any obstacle you can not prevent. I am also very durable in structure and for the efforts that I was able to be patient. Maybe if you were someone else has already gone, but I give up if people show patience dayanabilirse talented and I believe that eventually will take the result. This is my living proof. Point to point, I started my dream at that time I was in the moment. An impossible dream ... And it became very hard.

THE MEANING OF frustrations YES!

After the disappointment suffered by acting moments is that?

Profession was of course disappointed, especially first years, suffered very moment ... That was still happening from time to time. I think even the other way but to give up so much, that I said no I could not go çizeyim. I understand that life is full of disappointments, but they all have a meaning. We are there to make them stronger.

Sometimes I leave everything I wanted to go!

These difficulties are not passed to go dikilince sometimes forget to leave your face?

Sometimes I leave everything I wanted to go but I wanted so much to do that work, a kind of could not go. Endured. I've had trouble living in a hardship on everyone. Grew up in the first place because it ironic to impose the sector and to prove myself to spend the effort of others had to spend more effort. But now I know that without all of these challenges and difficulties, if I every moment of my work, each stage would not be taking so much pleasure. And I'm grateful, so more than anyone else. Perhaps you've dreamed of God that I live for challenges to be happy and to be grateful for anything more than başardığımda asked.


Your mother is a perfectionist, you have created psychological problems. Is tired of people do not have to be a perfectionist in life leads to the better?

Structure is very tiring to be a perfectionist, of course. Cause I do not know the point you need to stay. There are always better, and so he will not get a lot better in no time. My mom was on me and of course a very positive and the negative effects. I was one of the most disciplined people on earth you can see through him and my other step is almost incredibly durable ... patience ... discipline. I never learned from my mom not to give up. Babamdansa fun to imagine and implement the bad sides by the look ... I know it happened was a perfectionist in the extreme. I also never enough not accepted the first one so I was a teenager. He was also unfortunately cause problems.

Past times less than the happiness of people today, what you attribute yaşayışını?

Possibilities and what we do at times was less than in the past we were very happy people. Now we have a possibility, but it does not happy things. That human nature. Dissatisfaction ...

NAME OF LOVE discomfort!

Why not host the peace of mind do you think of love? Do you need to be necessarily a trigger or something?

Love does not host the peace of mind. Because the name of unrest already love it. Besides the fear of losing not heard at all, no endişelenmediğimiz, do not worry, kıskanmadığımız, if I have a relationship üretmediğimiz kinds of scenarios in the relationship is really a peace of mind that there are probably. Relaxed, but there is love there. The nature of love this. The other is love.

Is the situation will be walking hand in hand with peace, love, always zero?

Love is of course a very special and important to me is a feeling and not easily captured. But love is unfortunately not always go hand in hand with pain. How much in the Absence of a relationship, the pain, longing, misunderstandings, going, rotations, fears, doubts if the love is so great. No one can tell a happy love lives. There is a relationship, yes, but there is a happy happy love. Peace is against the nature of love. Peace love when picking up stuff and have already gone. So love each other should not be confused with love. I love talking about here, not love. You can not be in love without losing!

My girl want to be there 24 hours!

Are you in love when the logic çıkaranlardan camels?

I'm in love and fall in love so hard when I lose all control, unfortunately. I start to do things that i know it was wrong. Want to be there 24 hours a day. I think this is one of the biggest mistakes we made. But work can not be prevented. I can not fall in love when the account book. And all the feelings I live just mentioned.

So according to you is the biggest mistake made in dealing?

But the biggest error that people, especially men to adopt. I also understand that many new people. Who am I, or who are you, that your going on? He is a human being. And in a world of its own, there are needs.

Suppression of this, under the name of the adopting ...

... Just try to control your own fears and how to suppress karşısındakini because of a bad thing ... there is a promise, or "drop, if you will come back seninse." Die. Very true ... And this is a promise to do everything together, the field recognize as yourself ... And I always think karşındakini. But then someone else, can not think like you, like you can not look to events, can not give the same response. Because they live and the lives of its history and traces left by him seninkilerle not the same. So we are different either. He must try to understand the differences and show respect.

TURKEY listened YAPIAN me a song!

What was the most romantic thing ever done for you?

That time, dear, I composed a song for the song and we're in a separate answering machine said. Then I listened to the song all over Turkey.


Arrivals at the beginning of the most important things you love to ...

Of course respect ... And if nothing happens between us I am willing that person. Because I can not fall in love. Masumluğuna and relate my faith. You can look up to him, what if diyorsam innocent, uncontaminated aspects of his wounds and, tries to hide the pain, I can see fear in me, and whatever is developing an incredible compassion kıramıyorum karşımdakini then. Not even once ... I'm looking for a relationship of respect it deserves alongside innocence. Pure innocence ...

STILL in love I'm not afraid!

Fame is a different thing from what you expect?

Obviously I'm not aware of the reputation still. I still meet with the same friends still go to the same cafes. I am amazed to see people smiling and talking to me on the street still do not recognize. I still am not afraid of love.

Why do you think the pain of separation can not be accepted by many people?

Well, I do not know the answer to this. The reason I hope the pain of separation, as well as kabullenmemenin. If we see a hope and expectation so that the pain never ends. When it is finished I hope the pain ends. Because you will no longer accept.

ALL THINGS NOW EVERYBODY forgets squeezes Hurt!

What hurts the most in this country you off?

Most everyone in this country, just forget everything that shakes me off.

What are the turning points in your life?

One was a turning point in my life, then to Istanbul in the development ...


Before the 'O Woman' role in the film received. Then 'Nekrüt' big screen movie ... see your name else will have a pleasure.

I am not aware of what was still live. Of course something that is not possible directions on the screen to see my name but I'm not where I want to be. I do not know when that point in my future. But I am not the only people I know!

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