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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Guardians of Graxia - 2010 - Full Download - Full Downloads - Full Install - Full Downloads - Full Games Download - Full Game Download

Guards Graxia a floating island in the world media Graxia set high in the sky takes on the form of a card-based board game. putting the forces on the battlefield as a strategic war, in charge of four powerful armies will guide parents and Releasing. Map the surface of the tiled floor and move the new unit and spell cards in the order by selecting the gameplay improvements. or by completing any of the numerous clashes after beating the game's first campaign Draknal Trueblood win!
Floating continents, cities and Dragons, Dwarves, Elves, goblins, humans, and others, including the magical races, filled with dozens of dens. Parents are not only meant that they cross the magical portals, the only one able to create a drifting continent. Using guards and armies of various creatures through portals are constantly in battle with each other through. these portals your armies to conquer in the transportation and land use on the other side!
Map Pack 1, a dark and creepy night in the rain a sunny day, 10 additional maps include a variety of environments. Also added five power play units.

A PC to a format that combines the best card game and board game.
using a floating continent in the dynamic game cards and map tiles.
Conflict and the campaign is available in single mode.
Cards with a high of 240 units and spelling replayable.
Game cards are the creatures: dragon, dwarves, elves, goblins, humans, orcs, skeletons, WISPs, Wraiths, and much more!
Parents are the primary players to command armies in the war units are represented in the game!
be extended with additional map packs and other updates to the content created.

5 powerful units:
Drimar Mountain Giant
Honshu Golden Dragon
Scythisis Green Dragon
Tivix large Hyvexx
Tower of Shadows

10 large maps:
- Danger of a Damsel - Luna, shion Lightbringers Lumiera and order which are strongholds of the old castle trio sisterhoods. All the secrets of the ancient castle and a princess is managed by the guardian of tomes of the past down for generations.
- Hornback Battle - As the birthplace of all the monsters that are longer than in many battles since the Dragons and Giants, and the power of the most important, challenges. for their own selfish glory and dominion over the land they both claim to have amassed factions loyal to help lead.
- The Fellowship of the Wild - the man can no longer tolerate arrogance. Their misunderstanding of our kind for a very long time, been exposed to ignorance and greed. We are a strong powerful immortal.
- Long held by many world leaders Kall-persistent and large northern city of Dera - Dera Kall-Defend the North City. Surrounded by natural barriers than any city in the north all the leadership changed hands mana Graxia concentrate rich in resources, including deposits.
- Destroy the Tower of Shadows - the last of Shadows Boneshadow Tower, built by Graxia of undead creatures have taken control of an old hall.
- March Row End - is surrounded by enemy soldiers and the people are hording valuable resources. Back to your beloved homeland was lost before the marauding invaders.
- Master Drysden Portals - Drysden once a large population of people and always a rich and fertile soil Celethreal p. In both groups, meaning valuable mining, land take and land equally reveled in the bounty.
- Victim Soldera Isle - Guardians of the Isle of wills Soldera Oshnuk Shadd and locked in a battle fierce. have struggled for almost a full cycle of the month with heavy losses on both sides, are conducting.
- Arkanstone of the Hidden City - Arkanstone mysterious city is always very epicenter of a debate between who has the power seekers. Arkanstone abandoned for almost a century and is surrounded by lush forests, most never to return only to be brave, dare to venture there.
- Castle to Stofia street - Castle Stofia Graxia is one of the oldest cities in the castle. He and his family built by a noble Stofia centuries ago as a forgotten relic is accepted by most.

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel Pentium 4
Video Card: Pixel Shader 2.0
HDD: 600 MB
RAM: 512 MB

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