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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Great duo

Most worthy of each other in a binary way ... Salepli chocolate cake and whipped cream ...

Sugar 1 water b.toz
2 tablespoons flour k.pirinç
2 tablespoons k. orchid

Cocoa for Cake:
2 eggs
1 tablespoon k.kakao
2 tablespoons chocolate k.eritilmiş
1 teaspoon sugar b.toz
1 tea b.sıvıyağ
1 tea b.süt
1 p.vanilya
1 p.kabartma powder
5 tablespoons k. flour

For over:


Cream pot for the milk, sugar, rice flour and cook for flapping by Orchid.

On the other side for the cake, beat eggs and granulated sugar until foaming taking. Then, on the milk, oil and cocoa continue to flap again taking. Soke then flour, vanilla and baking powder, stir, a little softer than normal kekden get a dough consistency. Latest adding melted chocolate mix. Pour in the pan 170 degrees in oven approximately 10 minutes to do. cook.

Pour the hot cream on the cake is still hot cooked cinnamon serptiken then leave to cool. Serve with almonds or walnuts if you wish.

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