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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Garden: Everyone should own mind

Garden, said in a statement compatible with each other three said the initiative has moved the political agenda.

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli,''recently launched by the PKK terrorist organization, and extensions of the actual implementation of projects attempts to divide Turkey and insistence, the constitution and the laws and defying a preparation for an uprising. Turkey is passing through this dark period, everyone should own mind,''he said should take your foot falls.

Kurdish terrorist organization PKK's civilian extensions for use in every area of life''campaign, launched''a bilingual life,''draft''model of democratic autonomy and the common goal of a non-governmental organization of the report submitted by the President of the terrorist organization'' political processes and the implementation of the so-called divide Turkey project for the creation of the actual situation is the defending''Garden,''recently launched by the PKK terrorist organization, and extensions of the actual implementation of projects, attempts to divide Turkey and the insistence of the Constitution and the laws of a challenge preparation for the uprising,''he said.

Garden, the foundation and the common goal of these initiatives,''the PKK out of the Turkish nation and its adoption of a separate Kurdish nation, the existence of the state registration of the Constitution as a founding partner'',''the Kurdish language in public and political status in the education system As a first step to gain''and''a separate flag in the name of democratic autonomy, the power of Parliament and the defense will be the interstate system,''asserted transition.

Garden, said:

''This is the last head of the bridge can be kept, as the ultimate goal of Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria will cover the establishment of a united and independent state of Kurdistan. PKK's national identity, language and management demands for the right to life 87 years after the establishment of the Republic of Turkey in transition to a single nation-state on the basis of a single national unitary state structure will be destroyed. Instead, multi-ethnic basically stripped-nation, multi-identity, multi-lingual and autonomous regions separated by geographical segment is basically a partnership state will be established. Imrali canisinin 'democratic republic' project, and Prime Minister Erdogan's 'democratic opening' wrapped in packaging and as a result of the PKK, this will mean expansion.

It is clear that claims innocent and legitimate demand for individual cultural rights. Turkey requested the Constitutional rights and the status of security of ethnic and political minorities. The ultimate goal as the day the media. Ethnic and national minority that is basically the adoption of a separate nation and state the nature and structure of the reorganization of this parsing is required to give legal and political basis. Fuser in the structure of a nation with a thousand years of Turkish citizens living in such a ground to start the process of separation, autonomy will open the way for separatism and division.''

Turkey's national unity, the principles of organization and the national existence of the Republic, a treacherous assassination of the target area''is confronted with the phrase''the Garden,''taken''assessment drives hayasızca continuing ethnic dividers ship was rampant.


İmralı'dan elebaşının terrorist organization manages the terrorist organization, the division of the Republic of Turkey is preparing for the road maps and opting for this purpose, the EC advocates Garden Partihükümetiyle bargaining and negotiation, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's latest venture is not surprising, and said to remain silent in the face of impositions .

Boldness and courage of the largest terrorist organization, and ethnic splitters Erdoğanve AK Party government of Prime Minister who claims to be the source of a Garden,''the division moved to the political agenda of Prime Minister Erdogan launched by the PKK drives Hayashi prescriptions and accelerating expansion and the results of the first fruits. Compromise the fight against terrorism inflicts, who negotiate with Imrali canis, with expansion of the PKK with the demands of ethnic splitters and 2011 elections after the change of the Constitution to include the PKK on the demands of the separatists and the government of Prime Minister-term check that this point,''he said gelinmesinin chief officer and partner in crime .

Remained silent in the face of the developments in the CHP about the Garden,''CHP calls for it to contribute to the process of betraying the Turkish nation to maintain silence Kılıçdaroğlu'nun bulunulurken President has created a very serious question marks. Shout this fact at this stage, we will only write etmekle''a phrase.

Garden, the Nationalist Movement, ethnic origin, language, religion and sectarian differences without looking at the great Turkish nation, equal and honored members of the nation as a whole, stating that embraces the political mission, he continued:

Turkey's national unity'', dirliği, organizational principles and ideas of all kinds, and account for a thousand years in front of our brotherhood and above. Turkey's Nationalist Movement in Turkey's national unity is the basic fee and insurance, ethnic origin, language, religion and segregation on the basis of creed, çatıştırılmasına and will resist until the end of the division. Whatever the price to be paid for this cause, it is ready to pay in a great peace of mind and conscience.

Turkey is passing through this dark period, everyone should own mind, should take your foot falls. The Turkish nation is not helpless, Turkey is not a stray. Turkey's founding 87 years after the date the division and fragmentation of those who think the process is an inevitable result if there is a word to say to them: the provision did not give the final date yet, the Great Turkish Nation and motherland and the people who love unrequited last word of the Nationalist Movement did not tell yet.''

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli, Kahramanmaras Events, memorial meeting held in the protest on the anniversary of Kahramanmaras, the''social events and demonstrations camiamızla connection can not be identified with us, some parties are using icons and symbols also witnessed in the past. This dark-purpose local teşkilatlarımızca necessary measures will be taken against individuals then react and show they deserve,''he said.

Garden, in his written statement, Turkey and the Turkish nation's national unity, solidarity and the spirit of brotherhood, peace and security to the recent deliberate provocations aimed at multi-faceted villain in a planned way, and suggested that accelerated and widespread. Of these, a thousand years, living together as brothers into the family of the Turkish nation, ethnicity, language and inserting the sectarian strife and separation based on differences in the nation according to this decomposition, aims to prepare the terms of a conflict environment, defending the Garden,''through the last of this dangerous process, the fate of everyone in Turkey requested be played on a flagrant and a great sense of responsibility have to see these games should act''in a phrase.

MHP leader, Kahramanmaras happened in recent days, the political strategy of the PKK terrorist organization in accordance with the political agenda and initiatives carried on a drive that everyone should think very well voiced.

Kahramanmaras memorial meeting held on 19 December 2010 and related tensions in the nation that expresses a deep concern that the garden referred to, these events were instrumental in the Nationalist Movement and the Ideas community organized smear campaign intended to quit under suspicion and the imputation has been done. Garden, is exemplary in this campaign and regret, stressing that''some of the organs of the press and broadcasting union etmişcesine a group protesting the memorial meeting of the Nationalist Movement and the Ideas camiaya maletme strongly condemn the efforts have been an example of wantonness and irresponsibility,''he said.

Events in the homeland and the people in Kahramanmaras in 1978're smothering everyone expresses grief Garden, said:

Events to commemorate the 32 years''in tertiplenmemişken reunions, this year was no need of such a meeting, why? The timing of such a meeting, managers of associations tertipleyen Alawite-Islamic faith of our brothers to adopt the solution of problems where I live, the Alevi community in this process represents the status and wonder what we are aiming for the Turkish nation. Due to tensions in Kahramanmaras where, how and what took place and who drives it in circles, you should know you took güçlerimizce safety.

In this context, the Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior would like to specify a call and we expect the following questions cevaplandırmalarını: 1978 events on the agenda in every occasion when a person frequently mentioned on television konuşturulan, locality have experienced recent tension in the face of what the security forces have made this issue a precautionary Is the initiative had made? Commemoration of the group's meeting in protest of the party and security forces eşgali photos are available when shooting video. Call on the Minister of the Interior that this tangible movement of persons from the data revealed the identities and connections before landing in a moment. Our Association is a multi-faceted investigation of the incident and the police launch an investigation and tahrikçileri, not immediately identify the perpetrators and who were linked.''

-''POLITICS AND THE PRESS ethic HEZEYAN''-incompatible

Garden State, the Nationalist Movement and the idealistic community is aware of the games played on Turkey and the accounts, so it is very versatile in vigilance against the drives to stay out of street events with great attention and care shown by expressing,''Hal was such, that the group in protest their use of symbols and icons of some of the movement of persons identified with some camiamızla this grave event press politics and moral values incompatible with efforts to overthrow the Nationalist Movement delusions''a phrase.

Investigate the events and facts to expose the government stating that the primary duty and responsibility of the Garden, the Interior Minister and the safety organization is a multi-faceted and comprehensive research to reveal all the issues is emphasized. Garden, and the investigation results of this research and the need to accept that everyone said would make the case.

Garden, said:

Everyone should know that very well as''groundless and the Nationalist Movement and the Ideas intentional community under suspicion and the dock does not limit the right and no one attempt to quit. Social events and demonstrations camiamızla connection can not be identified with us, some parties are using icons and symbols also witnessed in the past. This dark-purpose local teşkilatlarımızca necessary measures will be taken against individuals then react and show they deserve. Everyone knows this very well and would be wise to act accordingly.''

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