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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The gallbladder stones surprised - Video

Konya, a woman's 520 large and small pieces of stone were removed after gallbladder surgery.

According to information received, married and mother of two children who live in the district center Beysehir Fadi Sengul (51), abdominal pain was admitted to the State Hospital Beysehir.

Şengül'ün gallbladder inflammation that were examined in hospital and the stone was determined by ultrasound. Şengül'ün gall bladder was half an hour-long operation.

General Surgeon Opr. Dr. Hilmi Gungor, way off the gallbladder surgery patients said they received.
Gungor,''the postoperative patient, review and count the stones in the gallbladder seen that 520 pieces of stone. I would have expected to be less and larger pieces of stones. This is a very rare situation. So far 520 people have never seen before menarche together. The patient's health is currently re-gained,''he said.

Fadi Sengul abdominal pain for 6 years at that, but so far despite the urging of his family all gone to a doctor said. Abdominal and stomach pain starts telling slightly üşüttüğünde Sengul,''could give my back pain later. Dayanamayınca applied to the pain doctor. Thinking to expect such a thing. With so many stones at me quite surprised''he said.

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