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Friday, December 31, 2010

Fisherman 'big bonus'!

Canakkale is a fisherman, the sea almost
was a major bonus.
Dardanelles into the sea 38 meters long, with 26 crew
"Parion"'s purse, left the sea in the Aegean Sea networks.
Fishermen pulling nets from the sea, tons of sardines weight
fish encountered. Approximately 25 tons of fish, the boat was taken 3 hours later
Sardine crates filled with 15 kilograms, the ice is poured on them
After waiting trucks loaded Pier Chicago.
Chief Minister of the ship Hussein, AA correspondent, said this year
there were abundance of fish in the seas, he said. The desired level of prices
indicating whether the Minister, the fish in Istanbul, Canakkale, Bandirma and Izmir
be submitted to the sale said.

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