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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fatal Frame III: The Tormented - 2010 - Full Download - Full Downloads - Full Install - Full Downloads - Full Games Download - Full Game Download

Fear is a pale arayanlardansanız adventure games, is really the right place. Many have made this cause are playing. There are also fans of horror games, as fans of horror films. But in the last few years, this style was to make some changes. If we do not give an example, Silent Hill and Resident Evil games left. There are elements of this type of course does not change. In general, can become a mansion or a similar place, or plan ahead to see a foggy road driving. Already one such style. Issues will recognize that we have fought for a bit. For example, the resulting moves you from viruses, such as the terrible experiences or religious ceremonies ...

Fatal Frame aka Project Zero or all of the knives, guns, bombs and other weapons not only placed in the back of the camera's lens. In short, you say the camera or using a device such as digital cameras avlıyoruz ghost. Actually have not tried this style before, I say definitely give it a try, because unlike most of the game of fear, you will have played in making this aspect has a different atmosphere.

Say cheese

As for our game, our hero, this time with a free photo shop girl, a teenager named Rei Kurosawa. Rei 'then you get to know his friends played in the series öncekilerini. For example, once in a while with him to, Miku Hinasaki (remember him the first game), Kei Amakura (He Yuu'nun Rei 'lover, a friend who died) in the second game, we know it. Already the character each have their own strengths and weak directions. Fatal Frame 3 is a simple camera, of course, here we go. The logic of the games, though this (and then advanced from simple ones to find a weapon to continue to develop or advance a gun in our hands) is not? You nail down our game instead of sitting down, the sudden outbursts of a structure aimed at offering you bouncing. This does not work you know not!

Getting Started

Subject free daughter Rei ', his assistant, starting with the release of a cursed house photo tour. But things are not going as expected and this constantly recurring nightmares of the day starting to see behind Rei. At the end of the dream suffers badly attacked by a ghost and when you wake up you see a tattoo on his back until later. Do not be something that nightmares do not think you oyaladığını. For example, what if there any one using this information edinebiliyorsunuz dreams. Our (that is, Rei ') duty to scrap at home, of course, this is about us clarify these mysteries. Otherwise, Rei, and nightmares in this curse will disappear.

Progress of the various ghosts, encountering many strange movements. Around this time, and the ghost image avlıyorsunuz draws. If you take the picture how the ghost you will damage it. If the ghost in the center of the frame is received close to you and it gives him great harm. Solo, I also remember that ghosts sometimes çıkabiliyorlar lost again somewhere else. So whether she left and right sound for a few flash patlatmanızda have more.

Camera a way to further strengthen, the movies or a higher kalitedekileri collect his ammo. The higher the quality if a movie is a strong influence of the ghosts that are on.


A ghost in our game avladıkça gaining experience points. The ghosts of these points more than them from a distance or to damage vurabilme arttırabiliyorsunuz various features such as camera. But making them have to be careful. At the very least, use the logical places and situations. Because the game sharing are three different characters.


If we talk about the playable characters, for example, two person named Miko and Kei. These different features gives Rei '. Miko'muz able to use the camera more quickly, or you can shoot two pictures at the same time yavaşlatabiliyor time. This is a fatal effect on the timing or major damage sonuçlanabiliyor. Characteristics of the BSEC is not very good, but I do not hide between the walls and the ghosts of his or its own distinct features, such as hiding there. When using it around the bends This is an indicator that shows ekrana.görülüp görülmediğinizi haklamamızı a feature that allows the ghosts behind them. Each movement can not use it all we want in office, so we need to act wisely. Already the other characters are moving elsewhere. Really can not see the character we want to wish each chapter.


Design of the Manor of Sleep is beautiful and the colors sometimes look bürünebiliyor stagnant. Wall drawings not bad, especially the good parts were robbed. If ghosts will address some of (what you tell a lie) is really terrible. Especially some of the very scary facial expressions. To be honest, I say Do not play this game late. Değinirsek sounds of music in general much weight effects. In general, the screams of ghosts or the intensity is going to moan.

We are awake the entire time we have stayed out of Malikâne'nin and Rei 'we are at home. Here, picking up useful things for ourselves, the disintegration of the curse to reveal the secret of dealing with a shout of collecting.

In short theology

Project Zero 3: The Tormented affordable strange at first, but after entering into the leave is becoming difficult. Rei 'about body shapes to solve the mystery of the first I played, I wanted to continue and I became so engrossed in story. I can assure you would be like that. The ghosts of you and sometimes surprising, sometimes the camera to capture shots güçleştirebildiği you can provide. In general, our game seems to be repeated if the previous one. I just changed the characters and a scenario written on. But I do not go trying to say.

Operating System: Windows ® XP / Vista / 7
Processor: Intel Pentium D - 3.2 GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 - 2.2 GHz
Video Card: 128 MB SM3.0 (GeForce 6600GT / Radeon X1300XT)
HDD: 5 Gb

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