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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

F. Garden on the left flank found! (Video)

Uruguay's 2010 World Cup semi-finals with the largest share of the occurrence Forlan'la in the Lugano team-mate Jorge Fucile asked for 6 million euros for the Porto Fenerbahce.

Andre Santos, who served both names to the left of the defense and Caner Erkin Teams can not get a yield any consistent way, a star of a great eye for this position kestirdi.

Yellow-Alex who came into the team this star, the 2010 World Cup semi-final oynamasında Uruguay's Jorge Fucile'den is none other than the major role. Aykut Kocaman Taiwo thinks coach with two names on the left, one of Beke Fucile, both wings of the defense is able to work successfully.

Porto team right-back, Uruguay national team, playing in the 26-year-old left-back has already begun for the Teams contacts. Porto demanded 6 million euros correspond to the player who could be learned, yellow-Alex who is the figure proposed by the team kept secret by both Fenerbahce and Porto. On the other hand, the very Lugano'yu Fucile'nin delights to come on the agenda of the transfer.

Experienced football player, he captained the national team earlier for Fucile "It's a great talent. Very ambitious, very technical and very intelligent," he said.

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