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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Diamonds features and Values | jewelry

What is Jewelry?

Emerald, gems, precious stones

Jewels of the meaning and importance.

Jewellery made of precious stones and metals. Gold, diamond, ruby, diamond, pearl stones, such as high value, high-value minerals such as gold and silver, with earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings and so on. ornamental jewelry is called belongings. Twenty-precious stones are used in more than five species, most notably, emerald, ruby, chrysolite, benefş, berdahi, diamonds, agate, coral, do you think, jade, light and talktır. But the most precious among them, rubies, emeralds, diamonds and yakuttur sky. In these immaculate emerald green, scarlet and sky most değerlileridir ruby. Diamond black, blue, pink filizlisi a single color, no well-known and common. A large diamond, diamonds are obtained through processing. Every diamond and diamond can not be achieved alone. The world's most valuable and largest pırlantası UK. Kept in the Topkapi palace spoonbill is one of the precious stones of diamond in the world.
Jewels of application areas

People are used as ornaments since ancient times by the former at the present time fine jewelry has become a beautiful art. Small machine and various hand tools were benefiting from the true gems of the next, seemingly kıymetlisine are also similar to the fake. Are benefiting from various mines, such as wood, ceramic, glass, plastic, cork is in the materials used in making the fake jewelry.

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