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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Çaykur tea exports to 24 countries doing

Çaykur General Manager Ekrem Yüce, a 60 percent market share of tea in Turkey with Çaykur zone, between the European Union (EU) carried out with the export of tea to 24 countries including the United States, he said.
Ekrem Yüce, said the region is considered the most important locomotive provider Çaykur 46 years and 3 tea-packing factory that said,''Every year we receive years of tea, trying to increase the amount of dry tea produced accordingly. Age around 590 thousand tons of tea reception held this season. More than that produced 107 thousand tons of dry tea. "He said.

Çaykur holds 60 percent of the market in the country abroad, including tea exported to 24 countries including European countries and the United States stressed that the Almighty,''Tea in the world in terms of their scale of 6 while Turkey, with an average of 3 thousand tons per year through Çaykur tea is exported. The countries of export to European countries, in the United States has with the Turkish republics. "

Their products are the country with people of different countries to share and record people wanted to announce the Almighty, "as in recent years, bulk tea satmamaya Çaykur work. Because it does not contribute much to the institution and Turkish tea. As before, a total of 5 thousand tons of bulk and packaged tea, we were exporting . But the bulk of the tea to see whether the contribution of economic sense, devoted ourselves to the sale of packaged tea. Especially trying to remove a few our product forward. (Tea-hand subtract whatever) do not call. Only branded, packaged tea selling. abroad often a 'shake' tea is preferred. This Therefore we focus on this kind of tea. Finally, the extracted organic tea is also attached great importance to enter the world markets. The tea began to send abroad. " he said.

In addition, the Almighty, advertising activities on behalf of institutions abroad, they give great importance to introduce more of Turkey, the Turkish national drink, tea, they know their duty to spread around the world in the name of each job, he added.

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