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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Cameolu necklace new year present for myself: P

I agree the photo was not very successful, but still I think he also re-draw saves soo durmu üşendim: / Anyway, I love the things efenim cameolu but even in England, equivalent to one Oooh do not get to come and he was upset also. I've seen in many high-quality bişi diil KOTON'da but I liked, 21.90 from 15.90 a landed, I got immediately needed, I presented myself as a gift for the new year: P

The following day, the ring got there, liked them as well for a while and finally I got one.

This is what you see in Ankara, Ataturk Cultural Center, the show got last year. I can not remember either Christmas or fuarıydı countries. Silver on the stem was prepared using ruby. I think I had come to Uzbekistan. Photo quality is not very good and they arrived so dull, it is actually quite bright. If I add photos or böle Guel Üşenmeyip machine mobile phone charger. edicez çekilenlerle work with the administration.
Draw in the meantime, I attended two separate gift today, so I'm glad to have caught the winners, what chance does açılıo? Bilar Which printer is, I kiss them too! of course you too: D
Because they'll run TRT Ozcan Ray Music Karacayla döktürüyo (sezenden love must die for love They say that time aşk2ı) and I missed him for a long time not listening ...

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