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Monday, December 20, 2010

Barcelona doymuyor record ..

'Dream Team' in Barcelona, in the end surpassed himself. Messi'li, Xavi'li, Iniesta'lı, David Villa'lı team hat from Barcelona, 82-year high points reached in the history of La Liga.

Barcelona, El Clasico'nun then won the Catalan derby different. 5 goals by Real Madrid's goal Barcelona, La Liga, 16th Espanyol defeated inflicted a 1 5-week away.

Series 22 match unbeaten çıkaren Catalan team, retained the top spot in front of the nearest rival, Real 2 points. Barcelona signed a fabulous performance in the remaining part of the league, also scored a record at the same time.

Obtained from the 14 wins this season tie-1-1 yenilgilik statistics, is the meaning of a record for the Spanish giants. Because since 1928, played in La Liga on the Catalan team, as of the first 16 weeks of such a high score ulaşamamıştı.

12 wins in 16 games last season, winning 40 points in a draw in Barcelona-4, 2008-2009-1 defeat in 13 wins as a result of tie-2 16 weeks had passed 41 points. Barça'nın under 40 points in the 2004-2005 and 1990-1991 seasons, the best performance of 12 wins-3-1 defeat in a tie with 39 points had been collected.

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