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Friday, December 31, 2010

Bahceli very harsh description

'an exciting development regret'

MHP Chairman Devlet Bahceli, "Mr. President Diyarbakir mayor to visit the service units shown in the bilingual signs in the division final stage of the scenario development of ethnic separatists have been encouraging donor regret," he said.

Garden, a written statement regarding President Abdullah Gul's visit to Diyarbakir, a group meeting of his party's "democratic autonomy, bilingual municipalities of life and the use of second-language debate will take place in the shadow won important visit to Diyarbakir, President Abdullah Gul and the constitutional oath in accordance to these issues show sensitivity to "the expectations for the explanatory reminded. MHP Chairman Garden, the statement "Mr. President's visit to Diyarbakir, the service units that bilingual signs shown in the last period, the municipal president of the division of the scenarios to the stage an exciting development of ethnic separatists have been encouraging regret" gave expression to the place.

Yesterday the National Security Council (NSC) meeting, then the "one flag, one nation, one nation, one state official language of the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish understanding of the fact that any attempt to change or not to accept the" reminiscent of the garden was made in the direction of explanation, said:

"Mr. President of the National Security Council who presided over the meeting of a public legal personality and bilingual name plates pierced by this statement by visiting the Mayor of Diyarbakir and became null and void. Mr. President, this regrettable attitude of the transmitter of ethnic separatists have been a source of courage and a new Prime Minister ' Mr. President and Prime Minister on the opening of the PKK to continue sharing the role has emerged.

This development also, the Prime Minister in his speech in Parliament during the budget negotiations to save the situation and told everyone about it aims to handle all the clarity that has hollow words.

To condemn this situation and to deceive the Turkish nation will not be the highest good of this unprincipled and hypocritical policy of Turkey on this occasion I would like to announce that once again a nation of saints. "

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