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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Assange, spoke to the BBC

Julian Assange Wikileaks'in founder, returned to Sweden in the case of the judicial process itself is carried out on the "anxious, " he said.

Frontline Club founder Vaughan Smith defends independent journalism Suffolk'daki mansion located in the east of England Assange, told the BBC, Sweden would not give permission to communicate with anyone, he also alleged that two women complained to police about the advice argued that applied for.

Advertising the danger of the diplomatic correspondence of the U.S. domestic Wikileaks'in Assange rejects the concept that, to remove the new victims, not the people trying to prevent the victim to be noted.

Assange'ın released on bail, due to allegations of harassment are likely to be sent to Sweden. Assange, fear will be returned to the United States announced a few days ago.

Assange, the United States and Wikileaksinternetsitesine against him "aggressive" and "illegal" is launching an investigation claimed.


In the meantime, Assange told The Times, The Guardian newspaper said it was angry. In Sweden, the charges brought against the Guardian accused of being selective when publishing Assange, approaching suspicious timing of the publication of the charges said.

Assange, leaked documents published in newspapers voiced their anger at the following expressions: "Kriptolara pursued by bad editing so they gave us the infinite sadness."

Return to Sweden in London on January 11 to discuss the case until the foot-mounted Assange bileğineelektronikkelepçe, go to the police station every day is a signature.

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