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Friday, December 31, 2010

Alex: I take Trabzon Penalties ...

Istanbul, Fenerbahce captain Alex de Souza football team, the yellow-Alex who has found success in the team's performance, he said.

FBTV'de published a program called''1 1''since childhood about his life and football career, Alex, Fenerbahce obtained records indicating that the secret in one word''work'',''matches the team trying to show their quality. I have obtained records, how much my work properly, your goin good evidence,''he said.

I find myself as an individual Fenerbahce''successful''said the Brazilian football player,''this is one of the main reasons I do not like Fenerbahce, with a serious respect for the work, and my business. Sports Club to a small contribution towards the growth olabildiyse me how happy''he said.

Fenerbahce during the 2004-2005 season when very little recognition of the Turkish football, Galatasaray and Besiktas team, yellow-Alex who did not predict the degree of competition between the arch, learned about them by the day Alex, Fenerbahce''everything my peace of mind, perfect for my career and my family ,''he said.

Brazilian footballer, Trabzonspor won the first away match in expressing unutamadığını,''He threw the match penalty Trabzonpor'a forget. Pierre van Hooijdonk penalties normally used, but there was injury. Fenerbahce began to take penalties with this stand. Nobre'nin Galatasaray scored a goal at the end of this year's championship reached the head. She was so beautiful''a phrase.

Turkish people, Fenerbahçe'deki colleagues, and friends of the yellow-Alex who camiaya Thank You, Alex said:

Temperature,''where the family myself, they made me feel safe. I've done my work for it, trying to give everyone the same degree as friendly and polite. My goal in the field to face per cent are able to provide.''

-Champions League-
Alex de Souza, the UEFA Champions League during the 2007-08 season, coach Zico said that they had a good season.

Slowly started to sit up in the team instead of emphasizing the parts of Zico, Alex explained that the period of:

Brazil striker Zico played Deivid'i''sent shock waves in a different position and was successful. Team player who scored the most goals in the Champions League Deivid'di. Our group is a group of well-balanced and difficult. CSKA Moscow, PSV Eindhoven and Inter Milan had. Inter, 1-0 match that speed us yendiğimiz high profile match in Kadikoy. Inter Milan defeated us 1-0 for only şükretmeliydi. Plenty of the match in our favor that there was no reason to result in a laky. Takımızda that day, everyone played great. We found the foot Deivid'in beautiful goals. That year we played against Inter in the Champions League last 25 minutes was bad not only in Italy. We spent a year in the Champions League than that very nice. Although it was lost to Chelsea in the final quarter put forth a very positive performance.''

-''Why go to a 2002 World Cup-ANLAYAMADIM''
Alex, 49 times in Brazil (A) national team, wearing a uniform, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo and Rivaldo had found a chance to play with as many quality players not going but I still could not understand why the 2002 World Cup, said.

Brazil National Team uniform worn by time, played almost all of them expressed the experienced tournament player,''the 2002 World Cup, however, still could not understand why go to a. I played all qualifiers in 1998 until 2002. 3 Cup, played in America, one of them had the happiness of winning. Brazil (A) National Team kaptanıydım. But in spite of everything I remember the national team during my beautiful''he said.

The biggest regret in life team Parma, Italy transfer''see''as Alex, the happy moments with his marriage and children have also demonstrated Daianne. Alex, played football teams in his career, love and respect shown by his supporters told me that you're happy.

Alex, lived the life of the 2002 World Cup inattendance most important that it deserves to express sorrow,''Technical direktörümüzün could not go to the current decision of the World Cup. Sometimes the friends you actually think that the friendships forged and fed, those people you see behind you turning the job,''he said.

Alex, Brazil's Palmeiras in 2000 to $ 15 million is transferred to the Parma team Flamengo before him, then hired Palmeiras'a, Italy, said he spent a troubled period.

Parma and won the money opened the case ödemeyince voicing Alex,''according to the results of the case to be cut relationship with Parma, the club want to going to play in Brazil. After the handle this case in Brazil with Cruzeiro. But in November 2001, FIFA has banned two contract stated that to play football. I appeal to FIFA in January 2002. Parma People 'Alex owe' they said. They voluntarily participated in the camp of Parma before the 2002-2003 season. Kontratımı Parma asked to terminate the second week of the studies and went to Cruzerio'ya. Parma never yararlanmadı me. Parma was a very difficult period, and the process is forbidden to play football''he said.

Coritiba'da football career began at age 9, played football for 3 years and records room, Alex Coritiba'da (A) in the first match out of two beautiful assists in the team is doing and told the team passed up 2-0.

Alex, they had financial difficulties and living Coritiba'yı first division, 19 years old $ 3 million transfer bonservisle Palmeiras'a expressed as a team had gained currency.

Palmeiras'ta coach Luiz Felipe Scolari is working with the team and 2 In describing Alex won Libertadores Cup, in 2003 Cruzerio'da won 3 trophies, winning trophies in a season 3 is the only team Cruzerio said.

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